The English artist is considered a new and unique artistic voice in contemporary art. The circus, literature, the cinema, music: these are the ambiences that inspire her works.
15-17 Ottobre 2014, Lucca
30-31 October and 1-2 November 2014 - Real Collegio, Lucca - Italy
Here we are with issue number 43, ready for the fall season that will take us to the end of year, getting us ready for 2015.
Along the streets of Paris, it is impossible not to notice the new advert campaign by the French company NGO Ecofolio!
Lucca turns into an open-air museum, hosting paper and cardboard works!
The idea comes from the famous Catalan artist Marc Grañén, who designed and created a garden on the bus roof that takes in carbon dioxide and returns oxygen to the city.
Chinese tradition and London design merge giving life to an innovative product for special occasions.
Thanks to Sakhir Gökçebag's art, rolls of toilet paper are no longer present only on supermarket shelves but... also in art galleries!
Cheong-ah Hwang’s paper fairy tales.
The Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Milano hosts the exhibition entitled “Year after Year, Opere su carta dalla UBS Art Collection”, curated by Francesco Bonami.
Get ready for… issue number 42 of Perini Journal!
The world of tissue told in Portuguese and Spanish, too.
At first glance, they may look like plaster faces and busts, but in reality, the only material used is paper.
No more cement but just trees: this is the philosophy of Boezem Marinus, the Dutch artist who, in a forest clearing, built a cathedral comprised of poplars.
What is a book? An object that tells stories, spurs reflections, entertains. But for Alicia Martins it's something much more...
Have you ever felt unease while trying to bite down on a hamburger? Japan has come up with a fun solution...
Everything stemmed from pieces of paper and the desire to communicate. Let's see who has reached the 100-goal. Cover pages, magazines, games and... TidBits!
A world of lace, ballerinas and fairytales, all to be discovered.
The project by the Milanese architect changes Milan’s skyline.
Layers of overlapping paper create hypnotic spirals and kaleidoscopes.
The new issue of Perini Journal is almost here: news, curiosities and lots more…
The PJL is keeping abreast of new technologies, creating a specific app for its contents.
Today paper has unlimited uses, but who would have ever thought of attending a show inside a paper theater?
Junior Fritz Jacquet found an artistic way to turn what is left over from the roll of toilet paper into a true work of art.
The new bike wins the “Technological Innovation 2013” award.
The new communication campaign for Nivea Sun products: a solar panel inside the beach magazine
In Taichung City, Taiwan, cardboard has gone beyond its traditional uses, becoming the absolute protagonist of one of the most original and ecological restaurants in the world.
WeWood is committed to safeguarding the planet: for every timepiece purchased, a tree is planted.
A new way to conceive the use of agro-industrial waste, by Favini
If you should happen to be travelling to South Korea, you absolutely must visit it... it’s the theme park dedicated to toilet culture!
The owner of this particular construction was Mr. Sim Jae-duck but he preferred to be called Mister Toilet House!
There’s something your iPad can’t do and there are summits that an eBook will never be able to reach.
Bryan Berg, 34 years old, extravagant and imaginative American architect, is a professional builder who does not utilize bricks or concrete as his raw material, but rather... playing cards!
What are you waiting for? Start leafing through the pages of this new issue and... enjoy!
The ancient Latins retained that a sound mind lives in a healthy body and I’d say that the idea by Byografia, a contemporary furnishings brand, to create the Bookbike respects this type of concept, uniting in your living room an outdoor object dedicated to physical activity with what we can define “food for the mind”.
Gary Frank, protagonist of the art of international comic strips, has created the features and personalities of the most representative characters for the two colossal giants Marvel and DC.
The world of Marcello Bersini, an artist, intellectual, philosophy graduate originally from Brescia who now lives in Parma, is comprised of oil colors, a myriad of toothpaste caps, disc brakes, metallic objects, colored sand and finely chopped magazine spines.
RECOMPUTE 2011 proposes: processor AMD Athlon II qQuad-core 3.0 GHz, hard drive 500 GB SATA2, RAM 4GB DDR3 1066, operating system Ubuntu 10.04 LTS or, on request, Linux Mint, software, and various accessories. All fitting into a sturdy cardboard structure, plus a video ATI 880Gw/Radon 4250 GPU. And all for the price of just 599 US dollars!
Here we are with the second edition of the Contest organized by ETS (European Tissue Symposium) in collaboration with the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna, held in the month of May.
Jeff Nishinaka is the king of paper sculptures. He is the typical artist to whom you would give carte blanche; one of those who, folding his lips into a smile, asks you if you want your boat with or without a swimming pool.
Thrown in the trash, on the sidewalk or abandoned on the seat of a bus. Daily newspapers live for one day, and by the time evening comes, the work of reporters and journalists exhausts its purpose.
Down-to-earth, very comfortable, born for people who race through life without giving up glamour and style: from PVC to macramé to leather, adorned with glittering beads and suede, ballerina shoes are an indispensible object in every woman's wardrobe.
One of the most solid and world renowned relationships risks crumbling!
The epic story of Seth Wheeler, a citizen of Albany, New York, continues with the wish to make the world aware of how much a roll already rolled up, perforated and improved by Mr. Wheeler himself still has the potential to become even better.
The famous American brand UPS, specialized in logistics and package delivery, has produced a very particular advertisement campaign to promote its stores and the services guaranteed by them. Through this campaign, the UPS Store brand becomes something more than a mere shipping center…
Milan, Politecnico Bovisa University, faculty of architecture. 140 students coordinated by Professor Gabriele Amadori made a research on paper and cardboard for their Scenography course that yielded numerous projects in set design and 20 installations set up in different areas of the faculty building: all on show.
40 student works have been chosen to receive the Eco-Scuola Award by Lucart!
“Wash & Dry: paper means hygiene!” This was the theme of the contest organized by the ETS (European Tissue Symposium) in collaboration with the Accademia delle Belle Arti, Fine Arts Academy of Bologna. An initiative whose aim was to promote in youngsters an increasing awareness of the importance of paper as an optimal ally for improved hygiene.
On the web, we find lots of examples of this unusual and alternative activity!
The "Paper" Biennial taking place from 3 May to 30 June in Sofia is the perfect occasion to meet the world of Paper in the form of Art.
Atelier Pariri is a non-conventional graphics studio founded by designer Jerome Corgier.
Today’s children spend practically all of their free time playing with video games or in front of the TV, slowly doing away with the use of their imagination.
Japanese master architect and designer Shigeru Ban is known as the guru of eco-sustainable works designed for everyday use.
Who would have ever thought to find the famous Treccani Encyclopedia - a historic pillar of Italian culture - canned under oil like tuna, olives or artichokes?
In an era where environmental sustainability and respect permeate the dynamics of entrepreneurialship almost as much as they do mass economies, a house made of cardboard constitutes not only a building solution, but a veritable challenge to the construction industry.
Whether cloth or paper, the table napkin must be – per force – square, with 40-centimeter sides (minimum). But it has not always been that way.
Symbol of the Italian economic boom, the Fiat 500 is without a doubt among the most famous cars of this past century.
We all know that origami is the art connected to folding paper (term deriving from the Japanese words ori, to fold, and kami, paper) that consequently defines also the object that is made through it.
We're all resigned to the fact that the Chinese invented everything before anyone else.
Motley colored, extravagant, unusual, eccentric but totally glamorous and worthy of the best ateliers: these are the paper shoes designed and hand-made by Carlos N. Molina, a Puerto Rican artist living in New York.
Modern anthropology concepts generically define “culture” as the motley variety of human universes and the ensemble of their beliefs, habits and customs, values and ideas, diversifying societies and ethnic groups
The use of cardboard to build a seafaring boat may seem a bizarre idea, and wanting to use it to navigate a torrent sounds like an impossibly dangerous endeavor! Cardboard is certainly not the most appropriate material, but… it can be done and it looks like fun, too!
In Paris – the capital of elegance – we can also find luxury restrooms: places where Parisians and tourists can take a high quality break!
The Island as a metaphor of life and constant exploration is the theme that inspires the exhibition “Islands Never Found”, organized at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, by Lóránd Hegyi, Director of the Musée d’Art Moderne of St-Etienne (France) and by Katarina Koskina, President of the State Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki (Greece).
In Italy, a national paper award has been conceived. And since “an award is a recognition for an activity, a gesture, a work and/or in any case something exceptional”, this one is designed for all those who have their … “papers in order”!
Tomorrow (April 29, 2010) the city of Milan will play host to an itinerant exhibition event where fashion, art and design are presented through an ethically positive and artistically valid material: paper.
Florence hosts an exhibition dedicated to the toilet bowl to renew its guise, revisit its original scope and exalt it in perfect Dadaist fashion.
In 2008, Lucca celebrated the 170th anniversary of its Roman amphitheater.
It is 804 centimeters wide and 285 centimeters tall. It was purchased by Cardinal Federico Borromeo in 1626 for six hundred Imperial Lire. is an Internet site dedicated to weddings and helps future brides plan for and organize the big day without spending the savings of a lifetime. Each year, this site organizes a paper wedding dress contest, and this year, it has reached its 5th edition!
A day dedicated to the toilet. Just like the days in which we celebrate historical anniversaries or religious and national holidays. And just like the days dedicated to the most important social themes such as peace, the environment, health.
The history of the paper bag begins in the USA in 1852 when Francis Wolle, a botanist born in Jacobsburg, Pennsylvania, invents a machine to produce these bags.
What was to become one of the most iconic literary manuscripts in existence was originally typed on a single 120-foot-long semi-translucent paper scroll.
In the course of the days – or the months – that preceded the date of May 30, 1871, Edward Parrish of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, fathered a great idea.
The south of China, on the delta of the Zhujiang River (the River of Pearls), has maintained ancient roots in which the Confucian doctrine – based on the centrality of the family and on its hierarchies – and the Buddhist cult that believes in a spiritual cycling, come together, according to a Chinese tradition that Maoism was not able to annihilate.
Triennale DesignCafé September 16 - October 25, 2009 – Inauguration September 15, 2009, at 6:30 PM
From September 12 to December 6, 2009, Lu.C.C.A. - Lucca Center of Contemporary Art, will feature Man Ray. The Fifty Faces of Juliet.
The latest horror success story by famous Japanese writer Koji Suzuki, author of – among others – best sellers the likes of Dark Water, Spiral and The Ring (basis for the well-known 2002 American film), can well be considered unique.
Camouflage is easy in nature. All you have to do is dress according to the colors of the surrounding environment.
When a rain shower takes us by surprise, it may well be that we find refuge under a newspaper or magazine held open above our heads.
Before May 10th, 1976, in Italy, almost everyone in everyday life in some way used that old fashioned yellow material, so fibrous and pleasantly rough that everybody calls straw paper.
Papier machè, cardboard and other flammable materials become the “life of the party” during the Las Fallas festivities in Valencia, Spain.
Pompeo Batoni: L’Europa delle Corti e il Grand Tour
Here is the first issue of PJL’s TidBits, a new editorial initiative by PERINI JOURNAL, born with the scope of supplying “bits” of news & curiosities on and around the fascinating world of paper.