TidBits 113: Girona - “Look, a bus with a roof garden!”

The idea comes from the famous Catalan artist Marc Grañén, who designed and created a garden on the bus roof that takes in carbon dioxide and returns oxygen to the city.

The PhytoKinetic projects consists in installing seven centimeters of think hydroponic foam that reduces the overall weight of the roof. The foam holds in moisture and acts like thermal insulation. Several plant varieties – fat plants, aromatic herbs and ivy – cover the foam over, offering different scenarios and colors at every season.

The main goal of the project is to increase the number of green spaces in big cities and guarantee every citizen cleaner air.

The prototype of the PhytoKinetic bus is used in Girona as a tourist bus. But it seems there are people interested in expanding the project to Barcelona. In the Netherlands and Scotland, too, they have already contacted Grañén to purchase these busses.

A great benefit for the air of the big cities!

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