Tidbits 097: The art of layering paper

Layers of overlapping paper create hypnotic spirals and kaleidoscopes.

A young American woman. A trip to the city of artists - Paris. A few dollars in her pocket and the desire to bring home something that would remind her of that experience. Some pieces of colored construction paper. Among all souvenirs, that’s what she chose. At that time, she would never have imagined that those sheets of paper would constitute the inspiration for her art. And so she began to experiment, creating twists of color and paper landscapes.

Energy, vitality, color.This is art by Jen Stark, an established American artist who makes sculptures using layers of paper. Using colored construction paper, glue and scissors, she creates unique works of art. She draws inspiration from fractals, wormholes, MRI scans and human anatomy. She builds new models of the universe, re-interpreting the elements of time, of nature and of the cosmos. Her works are found in several art galleries in the USA and have received important recognitions like the “Miami New Times Mastermind Award”.

An explosion of color, a journey inside spirals, vortexes, geometries of nature... in admiring her works, we see the world through her eyes!

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