TidBits 059: Paper Art Fest 2011 – Sofia (Bulgaria)

The "Paper" Biennial taking place from 3 May to 30 June in Sofia is the perfect occasion to meet the world of Paper in the form of Art.

A cultural event hosted in the splendid cadre of Sofia (Bulgaria) aimed at finding newideas in contemporary art related to the health of the planet by showing some eco-creative paths that we canembark upon in the quest for a new "eco-aesthetic" quality.

Sofia Paper Art Fest 2011 shows the infinite possibilities that paper has in the world of art, not only as an ecofriendlymaterial but also as a source of inspiration, and illustrates creative techniques through workshops andconferences. The Biennial is an artistic exhibition that sees the participation of over 100 artists coming from 36countries and 6 continents, organized by the Amateras Foundation (Todor Todorov, Creative Director and Dr.Thalia Vrachopoulos, International Curator) together with an organizational team made up of curators and professorscoming from the USA, Finland and, of course, Bulgaria.

Protagonist of the Fest is also “Green Architecture” with its architectural projects coming from several differentcountries, where technologies, eco-friendly materials and the ability to save energy will be the main actors.

Indeed, this "creative environment" that calls together art, culture and architecture... 100% made of paper iswell worth a visit!

Events organized during the Exhibition: 2011 Paper Biennial - 2011 Green Architecture Biennial - 2011 AcademiaPaper Works - 2011 Amateras Mini Paper Exhibition.

For further information: www.amateras.eu.

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