TidBits 035: The toilet bowl... “out-of-place”!

Florence hosts an exhibition dedicated to the toilet bowl to renew its guise, revisit its original scope and exalt it in perfect Dadaist fashion.

Already in 1917 Marcel Duchamp, by exhibiting an upside-down urinal and calling it “fountain”, invented the “ready-made” thanks to which the artist is no longer that person who is able to make objects, but rather one who proposes new meanings to objects. At the basis of this artistic concept is the transfer of an object (ready-made of course) from its daily context to an ambience that is not its original one, changing its meaning and making it “incomprehensible” and “artistic”.

The 20 works of art protagonists of Fuoriluogo Wchairs, held in February at the Galleria di Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence, re-proposed, in Dada style, “uncommon” and above all “out-of-place”(fuori luogo) works in the true sense of the word. The toilet bowls are re-interpreted by the creative flair of artists and designers, transforming them into new objects, extrapolating them from their original“private” context and conferring them an unusual use, a different destination and “public” ambiences!

Starting with the Dadaist principle, the toilet peaks out through colored armchairs, park benches or turns into a daisy. In Fuoriluogo Wchairs, the toilet bowl becomes a lamp, a children’s see-saw or awine cooler bucket containing a bottle ready for a toast… Art can do anything, and even though it may be “out-of-place” it sweeps away any embarrassment!

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