TidBits 061: Extreme Post-it® experiments!

On the web, we find lots of examples of this unusual and alternative activity!

The experiments performed with self-adhesive notes (better known as Post-it® notes) by Fritz &Stephen – two extravagant “scientists” famous on the web for their “mass” explosions by mixingCoca-Cola and Mentos candies - caused great chaos in an office! Using over 250 thousand of theserenowned colored notes, they gave rise to a really original show!

But not to worry: once the experiment - or better, the show - is over, the notes can be reused towrite quick memos on... so it's also an eco-friendly idea to boot!!!

It all starts with a block of Post-it® notes which, in a domino effect, triggers the fall of 40 thousandnotes stuck one to other that jump like Slinky springs from one side of the room to the other! Thetwo exuberant experimenters say they used 280,951 notes which in less than 3 minutes animated theentire office…

What we'd like to know is how long it took to prepare such a performance!?... Surely a few minuteslonger than the show itself lasted!!!

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