TidBits 076: Not a daily thing…

Thrown in the trash, on the sidewalk or abandoned on the seat of a bus. Daily newspapers live for one day, and by the time evening comes, the work of reporters and journalists exhausts its purpose.

Eginhartz Kanter has found a more creative way to reuse newspapers by creating installations insideabandoned buildings, former industrial complexes, on streets, sidewalks and along train tracks, unitingart, paper and communication.

“Parasite Swarms Pt.1” is the name of the series comprised of these original works of art: old newspapersare arranged in such a way as to remind one of “parasites”. Placed in strategic locations, they goalmost unnoticed to the eye of passers-by, causing instead a rather strong sense of “irritation” whenthey do become noticed.

Maintaining a high formal and aesthetic quality, Eginhartz Kanter has created a new way to reusepaper and the item of daily use it is made from.

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