TidBits 042: Luxury toilets!

In Paris – the capital of elegance – we can also find luxury restrooms: places where Parisians and tourists can take a high quality break!

Inside the Louvre museum and in the Galerie Champs Elysées, high quality design, minimalchic spaces dedicated to toilets have been opened. These places are part of a project toinstall “luxury” public toilets incorporating also a toiletries boutique selling bath articles ofevery kind – among which, extremely particular toilet rolls (with special colors, patterns, perfumes) – and featuring also various “wellness” perks.

The cubicles are disinfected after every use, hence PointWC guarantees impeccable cleanliness– aspect of primary importance for a toilet! But here you can also find elegance and refinement: each cubicle is different from the next, with designs and styles that span from ethnic to modern. Furthermore, PointWC offers added services, veritable plusses, like coffee,drinks, make-up, a baby diaper change area as well as a comfortable place where moms canenjoy some privacy while nursing their babies.

Paris has always been the home of revolutions and of luxury. And so this innovative,uncommon concept used to interpret the toilet here finds its ideal scenario. The new restrooms are veritable urban oases of wellness, where toilets and toiletries reign sovereign!

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