Tidbits 096: Coming soon - Perini Journal 41

The new issue of Perini Journal is almost here: news, curiosities and lots more…

We have delved into the role of companies’ “Health and Safety Managers”. We have spoken about how important water is for our “survival and sustainability”. We played with “gamification” and, like visionaries, looked into the web’s last frontier. We have experienced the success of the first-ever edition of iT’s Tissue and discovered new products and new technologies. We peeked into what is happening in the world of Private Labels and told about their endless “duel” with brands. We met two important women in the world of Tissue and spoke about the past of companies that have written the history of this industry.

Don’t miss this new issue that will be officially launched at ABTCP, the annual appointment with Tissue in Brazil, and at the upcoming edition of MIAC in Lucca.

You can also find the online version on the new Perini Journal APP!

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