Tidbits 046: Culture gardens to enrich our inner soul!

Modern anthropology concepts generically define “culture” as the motley variety of human universes and the ensemble of their beliefs, habits and customs, values and ideas, diversifying societies and ethnic groups

The humanistic conception of culture, instead, sees it defined as individual character-building: an activity that, performed regularly, enriches our inner soul and allows it to grow. Hence, the more time we dedicate to oursouls, studying and acquiring knowledge, the more cultured we can become.

Started up just a few months ago and now in full bloom, the Gartenkultur project – a small Italian initiative, simple but harbinger of other, more complex meanings – is basedon the diktat "triumphing Against nature”, which it molds into "triumph Of nature", producing real and functional vases out of old books. These objects for interior decoration,art works, unique and unrepeatable pieces where nature miraculously triumphs, become living plants! Phonebooks, dictionaries or novels that would otherwise be discarded,become vases for plants and flowers. A insulated hole in the pages is forged into the ideal space to welcome a new life.

"Through our art, we try to knock down the stereotypes of modern society". It may wellbe that some lovers of the printed page may feel sorry for the fate of certain literary volumes, but for others, a sense of awe prevails. "For many people, a book is something untouchable,” the group explains. “But for us, Gartenkultur means breaking this taboo, modeling reality." And so these written pages, symbol of the transmission of culture, givebirth to something live, tangible, real… an attempt to show that nature is not dead…indeed, on the contrary, it is an asset to be fostered! And this is actually the principle that seems to inspire the Gartenkultur project!

By putting this metaphor into practice, we will really be fostering “culture”, represented by our old and beloved book, allowing it to produce wonderful fruits!

So if it true that The more we read, the more we learn, let’s entrust Gartenkultur with the task of embellishing our ambiences and of reminding us never to stop cultivating our inner souls!

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