TidBits 062: “Wash & Dry – Paper Means Hygiene” Contest Award

“Wash & Dry: paper means hygiene!” This was the theme of the contest organized by the ETS (European Tissue Symposium) in collaboration with the Accademia delle Belle Arti, Fine Arts Academy of Bologna. An initiative whose aim was to promote in youngsters an increasing awareness of the importance of paper as an optimal ally for improved hygiene.

The contest was open to students attending the academy’s three-year course in “Fumetto e Illustrazione” (Comicstrips and illustrations) and the two-year course in “Linguaggio del Fumetto e Illustrazione per l’Editoria” (Languageof comic strips and illustrations for the world of publishing). Through the production of comic strips or illustrations,the 15 students who participated in the contest interpreted their concept of hygiene where the protagonists werepaper, water and bacteria. An exercise in art applied to the universe of disposable paper where different styles andinterpretations met, imagination playing a determining role.

The Awards Ceremony took place on 15th June at the Bologna Academy: winner of the scholarship offered by the ETSwas Gabriele Peddes, a student of the “Linguaggio del Fumetto” course, with the work entitled Manuum Bacteria.

With his work, Peddes perfectly embodied the concepts required by the contest itself. The works were judged by ajury comprised of a committee of ETS members working in the field of marketing and qualified artists in the fieldof comic strips and illustrations.

The members of the jury wanted to reward not only the artistic value of the works but also their communicativevalue, conferring a Marketing Prize to: Stefania Potito with “Signs of Hygiene”, First Prize: a simple, clear andeffective illustration ready to be used for a strong marketing campaign. The work by Lorenzo Marescalchi entitled“Small choices for a healthy life” united the popularity of Pippi Longstockings with the use of alternative energysources, winning Second Prize. The strong impact of the graphic illustration “You scratch my back and I’ll scratchyours” by Giulia Guerra won Third Prize.

Art, communication, marketing and paper were well synthesized and interpreted by these young students.

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