TidBits 067: The embossed roll: points and lines starting in 1892

The epic story of Seth Wheeler, a citizen of Albany, New York, continues with the wish to make the world aware of how much a roll already rolled up, perforated and improved by Mr. Wheeler himself still has the potential to become even better.

Wheeler thinks that what is missing lies in beauty, aesthetics, preciousness. What is missing is anembossed decoration. And so lozenges are born, dots joined together, stripes and wrinkles that takeon the shape of diamonds and, as Wheeler himself suggests, “the possibility of adding any configurationand form whatsoever, such as stars, faces...”.

Wheeler explains that he prefers very thin, excellent quality paper for embossing. His idea is simpleand the result is permanent: moisten the dry material in pre-determined patterns of dots and lines,dry it and shrink it again on the wet spots left by the dots and lines.

And so the paper roll was embarking on its artistic era. And it was only 1892!

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