TidBits 056: Living cores

Today’s children spend practically all of their free time playing with video games or in front of the TV, slowly doing away with the use of their imagination.

All those practical activities that, just with the use of the hands, used to turn anyavailable object into play, are part of the past. But with just a little bit of paper,even the cardboard core of toilet rolls can become a world of its own.

The cardboard Rolls of Anastassia Elias are not simply a pastime from another era:they are veritable works of art!

Anastassia cuts out small paper figures and shapes and glues them inside the toiletroll cores, using tweezers to manipulate them. To make these forms, she uses paperhaving the same color as the toilet roll core so that the figures actually become partof the roll.

In a game of perspectives and illusions, lights and shadows, these figures come tolife inside the core. More than a few hours are needed to create just one of thesefantastic paper worlds.

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