TidBits 104: A zero impact ... cathedral!

No more cement but just trees: this is the philosophy of Boezem Marinus, the Dutch artist who, in a forest clearing, built a cathedral comprised of poplars.

The “green” cathedral is located in The Netherlands, south of the province of Flevoland, precisely in Almere and it was built on the model of the famous cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. The project is dated 1987 but is still expanding since the trees continue growing year after year. Today, they are 30 meters tall!

The work, called De Groene Kathedraal, is comprised of 178 poplars and extends for 150 meters in length and 50 meters in width. The cathedral is a clear example of Land art, an artistic trend born in 1967 characterized by direct intervention of the artist on natural territories.

An ideal place to celebrate nature in all its beauty.

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