TidBits 105: Sculpting paper with scissors and chisel!

At first glance, they may look like plaster faces and busts, but in reality, the only material used is paper.

They expand and contract like concertinas, elegantly and harmoniously. They are the works by Chinese artist Li Hongbo and they come to life in his Beijing lab.

The idea was born following a study of Chinese toys and of traditional lanterns - both made of paper - thanks to which the artist discovered a particular characteristic of this material: its flexibility.

So he abandons the concept of immobility typical of marble and plaster sculptures, and makes room for the dynamic and sinuous nature that he obtains using paper. To create his works, he uses between 5000 and 20,000 pressed sheets, glues them together in one block and files them to obtain copies of famous works, like Michelangelo’s David. There’s just one difference... they move!

The video is available at http://video.repubblica.it/mondo/la-scultura-che-non-ti-aspetti-e-di-carta-e-si-apre-a-fisarmonica/153523/152026

Don’t miss it; the effect is really surprising!

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