Tidbits 075: You can be feminine and keep your feet on the ground, too!!

Down-to-earth, very comfortable, born for people who race through life without giving up glamour and style: from PVC to macramé to leather, adorned with glittering beads and suede, ballerina shoes are an indispensible object in every woman's wardrobe.

And from Lucca comes Cartina… the ballerina made of paper (carta in Italian). Innovative,waterproof and eco-friendly, it upholds the characteristics of Italian design, synonymous ofelegance and quality.

The prevalent color is white, and like on a white sheet of paper, you can write and draw onthis ballerina with a simple waterproof marker and turn it into a unique and personalizedwork of art to be worn with any outfit.

Young, easy to wear and eye-catching, Cartina will soon be accompanied by an original collectionof handbags for a match that will surely impact feminine fashion!

Website: www.cartinalaballerina.com

  • Cartina, the ballerina
  • Cartina, the ballerina
  • Cartina, the ballerina
  • Cartina, the ballerina
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