In 2015, the Brazilian economy went into recession and lost two places in the ranking of the largest economies worldwide, slipping from seventh place in 2014 to the ninth largest economy in the world in US dollar terms in 2015.
An adventure begun 50 years ago by the two company founders, Emi Stefani and Giuseppe Lazzareschi, is today a one-of-a-kind international giant. A 100% Italian excellence that boasts one-half century of history.
Vinda is one of the major players in the Chinese tissue business and has been growing at a very steady rate over the past years. The company’s annual tissue capacity will reach over 1 million tons by the end of 2016, meaning it has more than doubled since 2011, when it was just under 500,000 tons.
The world is changing, and the themes that have to do with people’s wellness in general – and that of workers in particular – are nowadays associated with every country in the world, albeit to different extents based on historical precedents.
Petri Helsky took up the post of CEO at Metsä Tissue in May 2015. Previous to joining the company he had worked for many years in the chemicals business with companies such as Kemira, Solvay, Finnish Peroxides and Dow Corning in positions of increasing responsibility. He was therefore very familiar with the paper industry due to extensive experience in the pulp and paper chemicals sector with those companies.
Following a systematic growth plan in which it has started four tissue machines over 10 years, Pehart Tec Group, comprising Samus Constructii, Metalicplas Impex, Metalicplas Distribution and Pehart Tec, has become the largest player in the Romanian tissue market. We recently spoke with group president Ioan Tecar who outlined where its tissue business has come from and where he hopes to take it.
I wonder why I was under the illusion that, once the economic crisis was over, once those industries too weak to survive were dead and buried, we would have witnessed a sort of “industrial rebirth”, the rebirth of an industry capable of dominating the future. An industry more marginal in the building of wealth, but intrinsically strong, dynamic, in one word: new!
Interview with Francesco Morace
Since the company’s establishment in 1997, WVT Industries nv, with its headquarters in Aartselaar, Belgium and regional operations in France and Spain and Asian operations in Singapore, has grown rapidly into a leading manufacturer and supplier to the industrial cleaning market.
There is increasing talk of the importance of partnership in the value chain. Swedish market pulp producer Södra Cell has put words into action, making the biggest investment in its history to grow with its customers.
We are in Lucca, in the heart of the Tissue Valley, where, in 1944 the company A.Celli was born as an artisan workshop first and an industrial entity later. A wholly Italian, family-run firm.
Sustainability pays off. Always. Because choosing sustainability means having a strategy oriented to the future and centered on growth and development.
At times solemnly crowned following hypocritical ritual practices of ambitious propaganda, then dethroned in daily operational practices by embarrassing incoherencies not well disguised “on the field”… There would actually be very little to argue as to who the “customer” really is: the main route along which the good health of every retailer travels.
April 2016. We attentively listened to several speeches by Diego Piacentini, Vice President at Amazon, now serving as Commissioner of the Italian government for digital and innovation, and took some notes.
If you are a fan of social networks or if you just like using them, you may certainly have heard about Snapchat in the last few months.
Growth is a natural physiological process. Growing means sharing and sharing creates wealth. It is with this spirit in mind that Festival della Crescita is born, taking on the theme of growth and transforming it from an economic enigma to an evolutionary, cultural and production challenge, states Francesco Morace, President of Future Concept Lab and creator of the project.
The interest and curiosity aroused by the cover of Perini Journal No. 46 has led us to deepen our acquaintance with CasaLaboratorio, the studio belonging to the two young designers who created it. And we discovered that not all designers are “raptured” by digital: Vivianne and Christian still design and work with their hands...