TidBits 050: One fold leads to another...

We all know that origami is the art connected to folding paper (term deriving from the Japanese words ori, to fold, and kami, paper) that consequently defines also the object that is made through it.

The art of folding paper was born in China and was also known by the Arabs and only later arrived in theWest. At the base of the canons that govern origami are above all the principles of Asian culture tied tolife and death and to the interpretation of the form of the paper as something complex and fragile. Thetechnique of origami utilizes folds combined in an infinite variety of ways to create shapes that are oftenvery complex.

Toilet paper does not seem to espouse itself very well with all this philosophy and poetry, but in the lastfew years there has been an increasing development of a technique that could well be called:“toiletgami”!

Often used in hotels, maybe imported by employees of Asian origin, “toiletgami” is a creative andaesthetic style that has toilet paper as its object, and sees the folding of the last sheet of the roll placedon the toilet roll dispenser. The forms are motley, starting from the simple pointed fold up to the morecomplicated one in the shape of a flower.

This variant of origami is surely a creative pastime that can be easily reproduced, and one with which youcan pleasantly surprise guests in your very own bathroom!

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  • The cover of a book dedicated to this technique.
  • Some examples and relative step-by-step instructions.
  • Some examples and relative step-by-step instructions.
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