TidBits 110: Rolls of toilet paper... become works of art!

Thanks to Sakhir Gökçebag's art, rolls of toilet paper are no longer present only on supermarket shelves but... also in art galleries!

Considered one of the most versatile contemporary artists, Sakhir Gökçebag began his career in Turkey and then moved to Germany.

For his works, he is inspired by objects of everyday use like broken umbrellas, coat hangers and old brooms. His photographs – with no touch-ups - are also famous. Here, food becomes a geometric form and a work of art.

Through his work, he shows that any object, even the most banal one, can be used in a creative way.

And, of course, the toilet roll is part of these objects and the sole protagonist of the Trans-Layers project. Countless rolls hung and unrolled down walls, creating moving shapes.

Feast your eyes on his sinuous, winding installations... This is what happens when toilet paper become art!

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