About US

Perini Journal is the authoritative and independent magazine dedicated to the field of Tissue that for over 30 years has been a faithful companion to 20,000 readers in the world by telling about paper from a technical, innovative, commercial, practical and cultural point of view. In the magazine, attention to product innovation, to the industry and the companies comprising it, to the environment and to sustainability goes side by side with interesting columns that connect the industrial universe of Tissue with the artistic importance of paper.

Its international character - every edition is bilingual Italian-English and English-Chinese - allows the PJL to be able to communicate effectively throughout the Tissue globe.

Integrating communication, diffusing information and always being in contact with our readers: these are our secrets for success!



Maura Leonardi

Editor in-Chief



Hugh O'Brian

Consultant Editor



Francesco Natali

Staff Editor & Production 

Viviane Antonio

Staff Editor


Dale Thomson




Nico Zardo

Art Director



Tiziana Forni

Layout & Design


Guido Scarabottolo



Giuliano Sargentini









The first rule for an efficient communication is to "reach the recipient".  


Well aware of this, we have a worldwide distribution network that allows us to directly reach our readers in every part of the world. With this spirit in mind, the magazine is sent directly to the attention of the persons contained in our mailing list, which today counts more than 20,000 contacts and is destined to increase again, thanks to our constant updating and monitoring, thanks to our international network of collaborators. PJL, as an authoratative organ in this sector, participates at trade shows, seminars, conferences and events, thus increasing its knowledge and list of contacts from year to year.  


The PJL distribution list reaches the following geographical areas in the quantities indicated below:


Italy                           2331

Europe                     5227

Canada and USA   3089

South America        2221

Asia                           5830 (+ 2500 copies printed in chinese)

Africa                         859

Australia / New Zealand 440


Special editions and further copies are distributed during trade shows and exhibitions, open house events, seminars, etc.