The trilogy of innovation

Innovative, versatile and eco-sustainable: TUTTO PANNOCARTA was elected Product of the Year 2013 in the kitchen towel category.

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Today, the challenge for companies is to launch on the market goods and items capable of attracting the attention of potential users and their increasing penchant for quality products that answer eco-sustainability criteria.

Adverts tell us the story of a product, suggesting what to purchase. A good advert campaign is undoubtedly a very important instrument to bring an object to the attention of the market, but it is the quality of the product itself that decrees its success.

What do consumers really look for? Innovation is certainly the key word!

The factors that determine an innovative product have, however, changed in the course of the years.

Today, the term “consumer” is slowly giving way to the term “user”.

The user is not interested just in the product but rather in its entire life cycle: from the choice of raw materials through to its disposal.

In today’s society, a really innovative product must embody essential criteria, such as: good quality/price ratio, respect for the environment (from the choice of materials to the production phases down to its complete recycling), utility and versatility.

Respecting these three criteria means entering the

mindset of a “modern consumer” or better, of an “attentive user”.

Pursuing this simple but demanding marketing philosophy, Lucart Group has bet on a wining card by creating an undoubtedly innovative product: TUTTO PANNOCARTA, “Eletto Prodotto dell’Anno” (Elected Product of the Year) 2013 winner in the Kitchen Towel category.

The award was delivered to the Lucart Group’s Marketing Director, Massimo Oriani and to its Marketing Manager Alberto Piscioneri during the ceremony that took place in February at the Alcatraz in Milan.

TUTTO PANNOCARTA is a product that makes life easier, allowing to save time and money. Actually, it is three products in one; a paper towel, a rag and a sponge.

Its main feature is versatility. It can be used in several ways: like paper in contact with foodstuffs, like a sponge thanks to its absorbency, and like a rag since it can be rinsed and reused repeatedly. This 3-in-1 product facilitates tasks.

Specifically, TUTTO PANNOCARTA is characterized by Air Laid or “dry laid” technology that yields a product very similar to fabric but embodying the qualities of paper: natural and biodegradable.

This process is possible because the cellulose fibers are fortified through special gluing resins that make the product stronger and confers special characteristics such as high resistance, absorbency and the possibility of using it more than once, both wet and dry.

Furthermore, the product perfectly answers the criteria of environmental sustainability. This means that the company producing it merges improvement and innovation with its own ethical and moral responsibility in regards to people and to the environment. TUTTO PANNOCARTA obtained the “Eco Certification”, proof of the Lucart Group’s “ecological ethics”. It is made up of eco-compatible materials such as cellulose fibers coming from certified sources. In addition, the selected suppliers use sustainable forest management techniques exclusively. The entire production process is characterized by attention to environmental sustainability.

Environmental Certification hence represents not only the company’s guarantee of reliability and commitment but also of the environmental quality of the product itself.

The “Eletto Prodotto dell’Anno” award was born in 1987 in France. In 26 years, it has expanded to over 35 countries, arriving in Italy 8 years ago. Today, almost eight consumers out of ten have heard about this award (4% more compared to 2011), which has acquired a foundational position in Italy in the promotion and support of the brand and its innovation.

The concept is elementary: consumers choose a product they retain most innovative in its category and that best meets their needs. It is a great recognition because the elected products bear a red “Eletto Prodotto dell’Anno” label both in their packaging and in advertising. This yields greater visibility, making the product immediately recognizable by consumers on supermarket shelves.

A look at some statistics illustrates how important it is for a product to obtain this recognition.

The numbers speak clearly.

• Consumers state they have seen the “Eletto Prodotto dell’Anno” logo above all on TV and on the products. The visibility of the logo on supermarket shelves and on the Internet is increasing.

• More than 7 consumers out of 10 would be more penchant to buy a product bearing the “Eletto Prodotto dell’Anno” logo.

• 79% of consumers place greater trust in adverts bearing the “Eletto Prodotto dell’Anno” logo, conferred by over 12,000 Italian consumers, than advertising in general.

Consumers’ satisfaction in the product has confirmed the innovation of TUTTO PANNOCARTA that embodies a winning trilogy! *

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