Hygiene. Do you accept compromises?

Washing hands is important but drying them correctly is even more so! The World Health Organization recommends drying hands with disposable paper towels.

Perini Journal

After rubbing hands with a piece of tissue paper to dry them, bacteria on finger pads decrease by 76%. These increase by 194% if we dry our hands with warm air dryers and by 42% if we use jet air dryers. This is what a recent survey conducted by Westminster University, commissioned by the European Tissue Symposium, reveals. It was also demonstrated that with warm air dryers, bacteria are spread for 2.5 meters from the device. This distance increases up to 2 meters with jet air dryers and becomes, of course, null with paper towels. Assocarta’s Gruppo Carte per Usi Igienici e Sanitari (Paper for Hygiene and Sanitary Use Group) has decided to begin building awareness in customers through an information campaign called “HYGIENE: do you accept compromises?”. Other communication and information campaigns directed also at the general public will follow. It is important to involve all potentially interested companies, from tissue producers to converters, from machine suppliers to dispenser manufacturers to distributors. They must all do their part in order to reach the general public. *

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