A tradition of innovation

W+D is living proof that a company can grow old without aging. It has been turning ideas into living innovations for a century – and as it celebrates its 100th birthday, we discover it has something rather special up its sleeve. Meet W+D and see how the new W+D FLOWTOS is injecting fresh impetus into the tissue market.

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Since its inception 100 years ago, the name W+D has been synonymous with innovation, integrity and reliability. In 1913, Alfred Winkler and Max Dünnebier laid the foundation stone for the success of the company with their ground-breaking invention of the rotary principle for envelope machines. Achieving higher production speeds and greater precision than ever managed by conventional plunger machines before, the visionary founders duly received their first patent for the innovation. Indeed, this invention was to have wide-reaching implications for the entire mail industry and it gave birth to an international success story.

Branching out and shaping the future. The company then developed its engineering capabilities to become highly reputed specialists in the manufacture of confectionery machines and moulding plants – as well as in the production of packaging machines and sheet-fed offset presses. In 1977, the production programme was extended to include the hygiene business sector with machines for the production of articles such as paper tissues, cosmetic, sanitary, and incontinence products being added to the Winkler + Dünnebier portfolio.

Training and nurturing the next generation. A century later, W+D continues to achieve the dream of their founding fathers. With its relentless pursuit of excellence and perfection, the company has continued to turn ideas into living, industry-shaping innovations. It now has production and distribution centers – as well as a global service network – all around the world. Furthermore, W+D is also a firm believer in nurturing young engineering talent. It offers a wide range of apprenticeships and professional training opportunities for young people – providing the basis for a successful career with exciting prospects later.

Consolidating strengths. W+D has now consolidated its core competence in the converting and processing of inhomogeneous and thin materials such as paper, tissue and non-woven. Today it is organized in two business segments, Mail Solutions and Hygiene Solutions. In the Mail Solutions segment, W+D is the leading international manufacturer of customized, integrated systems for the manufacturing, printing, inserting and packaging of envelope-based mailings. The Hygiene Solutions segment encompasses system solutions for the manufacturing and packaging of tissue fold and hygiene non-woven products.

W+D FLOWTOS – the game-changer in the tissue industry. And it is in the Hygiene segment where W+D is currently upholding this strong tradition of innovation. For this year, W+D has just unveiled FLOWTOS – FLOW-wrap Tissue Operating System – a technological breakthrough that’s spearheading the next generation of flow-wrap tissue folding and packaging machines. Taking a holistic view of the production process, W+D FLOWTOS confronts today’s industry challenges and demands, and delivers high-performance capabilities that not will only optimize your efficiency – but will reduce your environmental footprint. This new innovation allows you to customize settings to accommodate a wide range of product requirements and size variations. It is the industry’s fastest 2-lane paper handkerchief production and packaging line and offers high-performance servo motor technology for higher dynamic response and shorter operational cycles.

The converter. Thanks to its cantilevered design, the W+D FLOWTOS converter is extremely accessible and easy to load and maintain. You can adjust settings in no time, giving you the added flexibility you need to let you produce a wide range of formats according to your demands. W+D FLOWTOS also offers precision vacuum folding technology for 2-4 ply tissue thicknesses and features a separate embossing section and smoothing section for superior finish. Its star-type unwinder and cantilevered structure provides solid stability to ensure outstanding performance and productivity – right around the clock.

The single and bundle packer. The epitome of fine craftsmanship, the W+D FLOWTOS single and bundle packer will transform the way you package and stack paper tissue products. It combines best-in-class materials and precision engineering to ensure a smooth, reliable packaging platform at breathtakingly high speeds. What’s more, as W+D FLOWTOS is made up of very few component parts, it is very easy to make the adjustments needed to vary package size and the number of sheets per package – for both standard and compact tissue formats. W+D flow-wrap technology also enables the W+D FLOWTOS packing unit to merge packaging foil and sheets with such accuracy that single-pack packaging is achieved at exceptionally high quality and operational efficiency.

The next generation of tissue production. W+D FLOWTOS offers high-performance capabilities that not only optimize operational efficiency – but give users the features, flexibility and ability you need to adapt to changing conditions:

• Revolutionary W+D flow-wrap technology for maximum flexibility in format and size

• Integrated W+D-MasterCut® technology and quick-change knife roller for precise foil perforation

• Easy accessibility and low maintenance thanks to cantilever design and gear-free, drivebelt-free system

• Modular design ensures ease with future upgrades

• Fast and easy variable product count – 5-15 sheets per pile.

W+D – Turning ideas into living innovations. Majestic yet functional, W+D FLOWTOS is a magnificent piece of engineering and its speed is awe-inspiring. It embodies a whole new dimension of production and heralds the dawn of a new era for the paper tissue industry. And in its centenary year, W+D FLOWTOS is true testimony to the company’s unswerving commitment to making a difference. The older the company gets, the more modern W+D becomes. And it is this fine tradition that provides the strength that drives W+D forward for the future. *

  • product stream of single packs
  • cross-folding section
  • bundle stacker
  • cross-cutting section
  • bundle wrapper
  • W+D FLOWTOS - with its sophisticated cantilever design
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