Angelo Sganzerla’s magic boxes

Angelo Sganzerla learned the profession by frequenting the ateliers of Enzo Mari and Silvio Coppola, renowned MASTERS of Italian design. After consolidating his experience by working in advertising and in the promotion of art galleries, he becomes captured by the world of nature while catering to the image of Naj Oleari and of the Centro Botanico. When he becomes art director of Erbolario, packaging has no secrets for him!

Nico Zardo

A product’s quality is certainly a determining factor for its establishment on the market, but we all know very well that, today, it is no longer sufficient. We must support it by communicating, through the image, its intrinsic qualities, the ability to satisfy a need or a desire, the credibility of who is proposing it. A large portion of these aspects are summarized in the product’s packaging, whose definition is entrusted to an art director.

In this realm, Angelo Sganzerla, in over forty years of activity, has matured a wide-ranging experience particularly in the field of foodstuffs, beauty and health products.

In his Milan studio, the walls - from the floor to the ceiling - are literally wallpapered with boxes of different sizes and colors, testifying to an activity that leads him to design hundreds of new packages every day.

Most of Angelo Sganzerla’s professional attention is dedicated to products by Erbolario a company from Lodi that he has been following since its birth and that in thirty years of activity has become leader in the field of phytopharmaceuticals with a national network of about 4000 sales points between herbalist shops and pharmacies.

Projects for packaging, brochures, window signs, calendars and gift boxes crowd the tables, each dedicated to one of several different jobs that Sganzerla works on simultaneously. The graphics that cover the products are simple and essential and the illustrations that refer to naturalistic elements are always fruit of attentive preparation and meticulous research both on books and through photographs taken in the gardens and greenhouses all across Europe.

Once elaborated, the different documents are passed to the illustrators who, following precise indications by the art director, produce the images that will connote the boxes. A long, meticulous, impassioned work whose fruits turn mere carton boxes into something magical that captures our attention. *

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