Cartonificio Sandreschi

Cartonificio Sandreschi is a company that, under the attentive leadership of its founding family and current owners, has crossed three centuries of history manufacturing paper.

Fabiano Bianchi

Founded by Cristoforo Sandreschi in 1863, the paper mill initially produced paper “by hand”. This totally artisan production uses small rags to create the sheet of paper and trip hammers for beating. In this area particularly dedicated to paper production, the company begins to grow, passing to the production of straw paper, giving rise to the first signs of an industrial production. The straw, placed to macerate in containers containing water and quicklime, is turned into sheets by a rudimental paper machine powered by the driving force of the Pescia di Collodi River.

The first steps towards a modern industry are made by Ernesto Sandreschi who at the end of the 1920s purchases an innovative Wolf boiler that supplies steam for the drying cylinders and for power. Production is based on waste paper and in these years the company begins making cardboard for tubes and cones for the textile industry. The owners focus all their strength on perfecting the machine to yield greater production in terms of quantity and quality for a product that satisfies the demands of a rapidly expanding market.

In the Seventies, the large potential of the field is clearly visible and the old plant is flanked by a modern facility housing a new paper machine. From this moment on, the Sandreschi family is consistently committed to continuous quality improvement that answers the new demands of the paper industry market which, by exploiting the development of new technologies, demands increasingly fast production rates. The machine becomes longer and is equipped with cutting edge technologies for the production of cardboard obtained entirely from waste paper. In the course of the years, avant-garde control and automation systems are installed, and today Cartonificio Sandreschi is a modern company producing cardboard from recycled raw material: a flexible and dynamic company, capable of exporting its product worldwide.

What has spurred the success and longevity of Cartonificio Sandreschi? We asked its current directors, Benedetto and Ernesto Sandreschi, who for 25 years have been at the head of the family company. The company, they say, is a balanced match between tradition and innovation. On one hand, historic corporate culture that permeates Cartonificio Sandreschi fosters the establishment of long-lasting commercial rapports based on broad-reaching cooperation: direct contact and a B2B that is not lost amidst the many sales and technical offices. Management is always at the forefront, available to customers to understand and supply answers to their commercial demands. On the other, a modern corporate vision places innovation, research and environmental protection as cornerstones of the Enterprise Mission. It is this wise mix of tradition and modernity that allows Cartonificio Sandreschi to continue being a primary agent in the complicated and globalized recycled cardboard market.

Another factor of Cartonificio Sandreschi’s success is its production flexibility that can offer a wide range of cardboard types that go from 180 gsm to 700 gsm, divided by types of product with focused characteristics for each field of use. Special care and attention is dedicated to what is today the company’s core business: the production of cardboard for the tissue industry. Meticulousness in the preparation of the final product and the many years’ experience in this field have allowed Cartonificio Sandreschi to be consistently present on the global market of recycled cardboard in strips and reels. Rewarded in 2010 as a historical company in the province of Lucca, Cartonificio Sandreschi this year celebrates 150 years of activity.

The President of the company, Ernesto Sandreschi, underscores how this important milestone is fruit of several factors that have interwoven in the course of the years such as love and passion for one’s work and the desire to build something important, together with the vocation of a territory that has always been home to competent, valuable professionals. *

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