MILE 7.2: One drop is enough!

At Fabio Perini, creating new technologies that change the field of Tissue is the spirit of our tradition.

Roberto Ravazzano, Marketing Dept. - Fabio Perini S.p.A.

This continuous drive, fruit of the many contributions and challenges coming from our customers as well as trends dictated by international distribution, has brought a wave of renewal in the course of the last two years with a focus on the increasing need to differentiate the product together with growing attention by distributors and final consumers to environmental themes. From these needs stems the new MILE 7.2 converting and packaging line that offers devices for the control of energy consumption and intelligent panels that guide the operator in the activities to be performed, simplifying them. And above all, the new line produces unparalleled rolls. Everything superfluous has been eliminated for the sake of simplifying the process and making it more linear. Anything that does not add value for the final consumer, that generates daily problems for the technicians working on the machines and that up until today represented a cost for production has been eliminated. The answer is a glue-less converting line! No more glue on the rewinder, no more glue for tail sealing and not even adhesive tape for reel change. The machine is revolutionary as a whole and brings innovation to every single component.

New unwinder 378. On this newly conceived unwinder, reel change can be performed without having to stop the line! Once the reel change phase begins, the converting line automatically slows down from its max speed. Without stopping the process, the new web passes inside the line in less than one minute! As for the spent reel, it is automatically placed on a conveyor belt and then discharged laterally to the unwinder on a special trolley. The entire phase takes place in total safety for the operator who does not have to enter inside the machine. In addition, thanks to the reels being positioned one on top of the other, the 378 is perfect for those who require a compact but highly efficient machine.

New embosser 486. Flexibility, accessibility and safety: these are the features that have made the new embosser project that inspired our engineers an ambitious one. Maintenance and safety are two important aspects in a machine that requires frequent cleaning and roll changes. The embosser is designed so that operators can enter inside the unit and have as much room as possible to work in and fewer obstacles thanks to the fact that the gluing unit can be moved to create access. The result is a machine that is easier to clean - a necessary and frequent operation due to the presence of glue - and a more easily accessible area for operations such as roll changes. The embosser 486, capable of working in point-to-point and DESL mode, is equipped with rubber and steel rolls to produce any type of embossing. Thanks to ample working space, configuration change from DESL to point-to-point is performed in slightly more than an hour. Operations such as roll nip and embossing pressure adjustments are now carried out in total safety without having to stop the line like in the past, but easily and quickly with just a few actions on the operator panel.

New rewinder Mile 7.2. The new MILE 7.2 offers the widest range of high quality toilet roll and kitchen towel products and is unique in its kind because it is the first glue-less rewinder. The machine incorporates consolidated engineering solutions and integrates the evolution of the renowned Sincro system - Sincro-EVO - as well as the Web Tuck system for the initial winding of the web on the roll core without glue. The benefits of a glue-less product vary from the absence of contaminations for the machine, to the possibility for the final consumer to use the roll up to the last sheet, to consideration for environmental impact. The rolls can be produced in diameters of up to 200 mm with the widest range of perforations made using just one roll. The quest for ease of use and flexibility has led to the creation and integration of a series of adjustments that, by exploiting the development of new software, allows easily modifying the characteristics of the roll with just a few simple touches on the operator panel.

New 563 for tail sealing. Combining the features of the rewinder with the new tail sealing system yields an extremely advanced tissue roll. Thanks to a mechanical action, the tail that in traditional closure was joined to the roll through the use of glue is now perfectly sealed and totally GLUE-FREE! This also simplifies starting a new roll without sacrificing the initial sheets as happens with the traditional glued product. Better quality of the finished roll and an increment in line efficiency are two of the main advantages of this new system. The elimination of glue in this phase does away with downtimes usually caused by the presence of glue in the accumulator, in the log saw and also in the packaging unit.

New log saw 176EVO. The new 176EVO is not just an evolution of the consolidated log saw, but it is also a more efficient model thanks to a new completely mechanical trim elimination system. The result is a strong reduction in energy consumption and noise, but above all total trim elimination: 100% TRIM-FREE. A further step forward compared to previous Trimex systems is the removal of limitations connected to heavy rolls, because independently of roll density, diameter or weight, the new system can manage and eliminate all trims which can then be collected and recycled.

New wrapper A6T. The new A6T is the maximum expression in roll wrapping. It is a flexible and versatile, highly automated machine that facilitates operators’ work. The A6T allows producing packs in up to 5 infeed lanes and 3 layers, packaging products having a diameter of up to 200 mm with the possibility of producing space-saving squashed rolls. Operations such as format change, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting are easily managed from the operator panel thanks to the evolved new generation software installed on the A6T. The operators are aided through a step-by-step guide that makes the operations that were once complex, easy to perform also by less-experienced personnel. Cutting-edge engineering details applied to the machine yield a structure that allows easy access for cleaning and maintenance thanks to wider working spaces. All actions necessary for format change are individually adjusted, guaranteeing a high quality product also at higher speeds (200ppm) and with extremely reduced changeover times. For example, going from the 2-roll configuration (single layer) to the 4-roll configuration (double layer) of kitchen towels with different lengths takes no more than 10 minutes!

Bundler CMB202 & LA02. From joint work by Fabio Perini Packaging and Langhammer comes the new bundling solution that integrates in one machine functions such as product infeed, grouping and organization through robotic arm and, of course, packaging. So here is a compact machine capable of producing up to 20 bundles per minute and an unlimited number of combinations thanks to the robotized infeed. The packs can hence be distributed inside the bundles so that the logo and the brand are visible on all four sides of the pallet, with a clear advantage for supermarket shelf exposure. In addition, if bundling is not required, it is possible to directly create the packing to produce display pallets or pallets of loose product. *

A new dimension in embossing

It’s called4D and it is the innovative engraving technique designed and patented by Engraving Solutions thatrevolutionizes embossing. The new method is conceived to maintain a goodbalance between the web’s physical parameters and in particular,resistance.  Through a new type ofengraving, stress in the points where the fibers are weaker is lessened,improving overall product strength.

Engraving Solutions can boast of a ten-year experience incontact with tissue industry operators and a research aimed at consistentlyimproving the embossing process thanks to its BEST Lab, a unique laboratory totest embossing patterns and research new techniques.

  • Unwinder 378, reel preparation.
  • Unwinder 378, reels in stand-by for transfer.
  • Unwinder 378, spent reel discharge.
  • MILE 7.2, core introduction and perforator.
  • Embosser 486, rolls.
  • MILE 7.2, side view.
  • MILE 7.2, log formation.
  • 176Evo, new mechanical trimex.
  • A6T, complete machine view
  • MILE 7.2, Sincro Evo.
  • Bundler model CMB202 with LA02 infeed.
  • The new 4D technology
  • A6T, outfeed draw unit.
  • A6T, pack formation.
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