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W+D FLOWTOS: a real innovation

On the occasion of the iT’s Tissue event held during the week of 22-30 June, Winkler+Dünnebier’s new handkerchief production and packaging line was presented at the Fabio Perini facilities. A new line that embodies a very well thought-out and convincing concept. Optimal technology is not only employed in the area of machine construction but also in the production process. Especially the handling characteristics have undergone significant improvements and simplifications. Maintenance requirements have also been reduced considerably. Not just experienced machine operators are able to run the machine efficiently after a short training phase, newcomers will also get the hang of it very quickly. The W+D FLOWTOS is a completely redesigned handkerchief line made up of a converting machine, a single-pack wrapping unit, and a bundling unit. The line features a maximum output of 460 single packages per minute, and it is offered and marketed by W+D as complete line for the first time ever. The new converting unit and the single-pack wrapping unit, which is based on a FLOW-wrap process, have been developed in-house by W+D, whereas both the bundle composer and the bundle wrapping machine have been developed specifically for this use by Fabio Perini with the Casmatic brand in cooperation with W+D. The single-pack wrapper is worth a special mention. For handkerchief packaging, it is the first ever of its kind to be based on the FLOW-wrap process. Here are the main novelties.

The converting unit. This is the first time ever that the cantilever design is applied to a handkerchief converter. In comparison to customary construction methods, the cantilever design significantly improves accessibility, making it easier to perform adjustments and maintenance tasks. In addition, complete modules such as the folding unit and the cross cutter are designed as quick-changeover sections so they can be removed from the machine in one block. The number of handkerchiefs per pile can be selected and changed merely via the control panel without exchanging any size parts. The single-pack wrapping machine – the FLOW-wrap process: The wrapper for single packages, patented by W+D, is based on the FLOW-wrap procedure, a technology that offers immense advantages in terms of machine flexibility. Compared to the long-established turn-table mode, it is now – and for the first time – possible to process packages of different heights with only a reasonable amount of effort, as may be required by varying handkerchief numbers per pile or when changing from a standard product to a compact (mini) product. Considerable material savings can be achieved thanks to reduced foil consumption.

The bundle composer. The bundle composer was also newly developed by Fabio Perini specifically for this line. It is able to change the composition of bundles from 6 to 56 single packages per bundle without size tools.

The bundling machine. The bundling machine is based on the technology of a napkin packaging machine, and has also been re-engineered and adapted by Perini specifically for this line. The resulting model is called CMF 200, and is also available as a napkin packaging machine.

Conclusion. The FLOWTOS handkerchief production line exhibited and demonstrated by W+D represents a long overdue innovation in the handkerchief production area. The machine is a striking success for all tissue converters, no matter how large or small their production quantities, thanks to:

• ease of operation

• ease of maintenance

• the use of a narrower working width (2 instead of 4 lanes) and the resulting optimal use of the paper machine’s working width

• add-on possibilities with additional devices for printing, embossing, and other material processing

• fast and smooth changeovers to different product versions.

Introducing a machine employing truly new technological solutions to the market may well stimulate business for both handkerchief manufacturers, and W+D alike.

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  • sheet transport and sheet stacker
  • “FLOW-wrap” technology for single packs
  • variety of bundle configurations
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