Man’s best friend

There are a motley series of behaviors we individually

recur to in resolving current, persistent and longer-term

difficulties. For some, these entail trying at all costs

to rebuild a mythical past in which, anesthetized by

wealth and comforts, we have excessively basked in,

without seizing those signs of change that we ourselves

have contributed to creating. There are those who spend

late hours managing an area of relationships, apparently

without confines because supported by potentially

global social networks, but that in reality feed the

narcissist pleasure of restricted groups. The more

attentive ones express the need to interpret reality

by questioning their own lifestyles in the quest for a

possible future.

These trends suggest that in the hierarchy of needs,

individual ones always come before social ones. And if

we are going through a period of economic tension, the

individual’s priorities are further accentuated. Attention

to personal details increases.

In proposing solutions, companies living an analogous

distress vis-à-vis the market must consider a greater

and more mature sensitivity of the customer/consumer

who, in this scenario, elaborates the economic

difficulties with a lesser propensity towards quantities

in consumption, more carefully checks quality and

price, consistently confers greater value to the ethical

behaviors of producers.

It is in the folds of these aspects that innovation must

find positive spurs for the challenges that current

changes demand: flexibility, constant attention to real

market conditions and, sometimes, the ability to see in

difficulties a chance for improvement and growth.

And since the push towards innovation at times stems

from an idea by a person, and more often a group, that

shares passions and knowledge looking for that spark

that turns on the new, we should remember that the

raw material of all progress is man when he takes part

in the elaboration of a positive result to propose to his


We must observe with more benevolent eyes who is

walking beside us, because our future may also depend

on that very person, and remember that man’s best

friend is man.

Maura Leonardi

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