When people ask me what I do for a living,I tell them I work in the field of paper.I never say toilet paper because I'm a bit embarrassed to. But I've decided that's wrong.
the best thing about being a world leader in high-tech products is that you're the first to know.
Before buying a car, all of us take time to consider several factors. Firstly, we make technical assessments regarding the vehicle's performances, its consumption, the quality/price ratio. Then, of course, we immediately check for the nearest assistance center because we want our car to last in time
Put together four friends having dinner together, an extraordinary common passion for photography, an exceptional location, Lucca: that's how the idea to create an international Festival of photography - the Lucca Photo Fest - was born.
Italian producer ICT has almost tripled its tissue capacity through organic growth over the past 10 years. With a good track record and a systematic plan, the expansion will most likely continue.
Clearwater Paper is clearly in the expansion mode, having recently bought Cellu Tissue, while it is at the same time installing a new TAD machine targeting the ultra-quality private-label bathroom tissue segment.
Creative, enterprising, 100% Italian (where the entrepreneur makes the difference): this is Eurovast S.p.A., a company that has grown in the territory of Lucca in constant and gradual fashion thanks to the dynamic nature and personality of its owner, Vincenzo Romano.
If we are speaking about Violeta we are in Bosnia and Herzegovina and precisely in Grude.
Although the use of disposable nappies/diapers is viewed by many as the antithesis of sustainability, more advanced measures of environmental impact and manufacturer's efforts with new product development have made the category something of an unlikely trail blazer.
It's called Change Management, and concerns making modifications on machines and plants, but also on production modes, etc., maintaining full control of the process in order not to incur in unexpected problems of any kind.
Lately, I've been speaking very little about India. Not because I don't have the opportunity to do so, since I work with India and have several Indian friends whom I see and speak with regularly.The main reason for my silence is that prejudices about India are starting to become a little too much for me.
For the Greeks, hygiene was the ability to live in good equilibrium with oneself, with others and with the environment, avoiding excesses and keeping in good health. And today?
Paper, art and the world of graphics. The students of the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna were the protagonists of the Wash&Dry - Paper means Hygiene contest organized by the ETS (European Tissue Symposium).
Mats Berencreutz has had a long and fruitful career with SCA, spanning over 30 years since he joined the company in 1981 as a machine designer in what was then known as Mölnlycke, a division of SCA.
Tissue making technology from different suppliers has merged to an extent in the past decade, so how do you distinguish yourself in the field? Davide Mainardi explains Toscotec's process-based approach to this challenge.
Oxidizing biocides are widely used in tissue making to guarantee machine cleanliness and runnability as they provide cost-effective performances. However, due to the large utilizationof sodium hypochlorite, several paper machines have lately been experiencing severe corrosion issues.
An extremely "bright", dynamic and captivating form of communication!!!
The MILE philosophy presented at the 2011 edition of the Tissue World show in Nice by the Fabio Perini companies (with the Fabio Perini and Casmatic brands), lies at the basis of the latest technological solutions for packaging designed and produced by Casmatic. Meet the new wrapper CMW 208, the bundler S8 and the new T.I.P. Sort Out
"Sustainability" is the key word today. Everyone is speaking about it and everyone is actively working to make his or her contribution because it is a common goal. For the multinational Georgia-Pacific, sustainability means improving social wellbeing, it means environmental protection and also economic prosperity. And everything passes through the core.
The innovative product by Fripa has an original name and payoff that can certainly arouse a reaction by consumers. Vamos is a revolutionary product that changes the concept of "classic and traditional" roll, giving rise to a new path for commodity products such as toilet rolls to embark on.
The new scenario that is taking shape in terms of communication and investments on a worldwide level is that of the Internet. After having "branded" real things, the more structured brands - and not only those - are colonizing the virtual world. And the world of tissue is certainly not just standing by watching!
The annual appointment with private labels took place in May (24th and 25th ) at the RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam.The Perini Journal has for years been following this show dedicated to private label products - an interesting universe for tissue producers. And for this edition, too, positive growth for private label products is registered in the different goods categories in European countries.
Peru is the third largest country in South America for size, after Brazil and Argentina. It occupies an area that can be divided into three zones: the coast, the Andes mountain chain and the Amazon rain forest. The economy is mostly rural: a flourishing and diversified agriculture, abundant fishing and a widespread stock-breeding activity, above all in the mountain zones.
This article discusses the use of ‘novel' nonwoven fabrics in apparel and details a collaborative project undertaken by staff from the School of Design Fashion Area at the University of Leeds, in the UK, using nonwoven fabric sponsored by Lenzing Fibers.
"Those who will live one hundred generations after us are not yet born, and I cannot tell what sort of people they will be. Yet thanks to the existence of written culture, even those living ten thousand generations hence will be able to enter my mind as if we were contemporaries."Matteo Ricci, introduction to Ink Garden of the Cheng Family.
Born with the aim of promoting cooperation and artistic and cultural exchange between Italy and Thailand, the "Thai-Italy Art and Cultural Exchange 2011", a project curated by Maurizio Vanni and Sasivimol Santiratpakdee, has become the cornerstone for the foundation of the poly-functional cultural project "Bottini Art Village", an initiative promoted by the Municipality of Lucca, and with the Perini Journal as its main partner.