Art between East and West, in Lucca

Born with the aim of promoting cooperation and artistic and cultural exchange between Italy and Thailand, the "Thai-Italy Art and Cultural Exchange 2011", a project curated by Maurizio Vanni and Sasivimol Santiratpakdee, has become the cornerstone for the foundation of the poly-functional cultural project "Bottini Art Village", an initiative promoted by the Municipality of Lucca, and with the Perini Journal as its main partner.

Six Italian artists and six Thai artists have intertwined their personal and professional experiences to feed totally new synergies between East and West, through the first of a series of artists' international residency exchange programs that each year will bring to Lucca artists coming from other countries, ready to relate with one another, letting themselves be enveloped by the local culture.

A unique occasion to stimulate the young crea-tive minds of these artists who, from April 16th to the 21st, were involved in a workshop whose theme was "Le arti visive e i 4 elementi: Aria, Acqua, Fuoco e Terra per la creazione di nuovi mondi" ("Visual arts and the 4 elements: Air, Water, Fire and Earth for the creation of new worlds", translator's note).

During their stay, the Thai artists had the chance to get better acquainted with the territory in and around Lucca through guided tours of the city's museums, art galleries, its treasures from the past. Also, they got the chance to visit the laboratories, the artisan shops and the foundries of Pietrasanta. Creative meetings with non-conventional materials for the creation of site-specific works of art.

During their official visit to the headquarters of Fabio Perini S.p.A., editor of Perini Journal, which took place on April 21st, the Thai artists met the fascinating world of tissue up close - a world that has always been told and "illustrated" by the Perini Journal. This reality inspired the creation of works of art produced using logs of tissue and some technical drawings given to them following their visit. The works were then exhibited in Villa Bottini from April 23rd to May 15th, 2011.

An exchange of cultures but also of perspectives. A precious occasion to create art giving new life to industrial products in an international ambience that maintains the bond with Lucca and its products strong - typical of the philosophy of Perini Journal.

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