Eurovast: "we build strong ties"

Creative, enterprising, 100% Italian (where the entrepreneur makes the difference): this is Eurovast S.p.A., a company that has grown in the territory of Lucca in constant and gradual fashion thanks to the dynamic nature and personality of its owner, Vincenzo Romano.

Maura Leonardi

Today Eurovast possesses a production capacity in excess of 70,000 tons per year, a total facilities area of 36,000 m2 (2 paper production and 2 converting facilities) and an extension project aimed at boosting converting in Lucca by the end of 2011, creating a distribution platform for "just in time" deliveries. Production, distribution and transport all in one hub, enhancing the efficiency of the production chain, guaranteeing prompt ser-vice to customers.

Present on the territory since the 1990s, Eurovast has undertaken a dynamic and innovative path to growth thanks to Vincenzo Romano, the heart and mind of the company.


With a passion for his work, assuming business risks with great strength of character and tenacity, Mr. Romano revolutionized the concept of the kitchen towel roll with simplicity and emphasis by bringing the "Rotolotto®" - the first single roll (typical of the industrial segment) for domestic use - to store shelves. For Eurovast, this product constituted the take off point for a path to growth and expansion that continues today.

The drivers of Vincenzo Romano's entrepreneurial strength are certainly his vitality, great charisma and very clear ideas. Today, Eurovast has a turn-over of over 60,000,000 Euro, an excellent result obtained through an attentive management of the company based on a sound mix of investments in technology, production efficiency, ideas and sales strength.


Eurovast's strong point is summarized in their slogan: "Your trust in us is our best success". A trust demonstrated by its commercial partners and distribution chains, reciprocated through an always prompt and innovative supply of tissue products having an optimalquality/price ratio.

And indeed innovation, price, quality and a varied offer make the difference today. In a very competitive market, offering products that stand out from the crowd - products capable of setting new consumption trends - becomes vital. And so are commercial ties nurtured and maintained through mutual trust founded on a straightforward professional rapport. The Rotolotto® brand, spearhead of the single rolls category, is supplemented by a complete range that includes the Fior di Carta® and Bravo® brands.

Products designed to answer the needs of a dynamic market and catered to during their entire production process. Starting from the reel up to transport of the product on the shelves, trace-ability of every single phase of the production cycle is guaranteed with relative certification of every individual work process, from raw materials to retailers. The tissue paper is tested and certified, ensuring a quality process. And all this thanks to the attainment in the first months of 2011 of the ISO 14001: 2004- OHSAS 18001:2007 certifications in addition to the ISO:9001 and PEFC certifications that the company already possessed. A guarantee of safeguard also for consumers. Logistics and service are organized and planned for "on time" deliveries because working with retail chains means optimizing times and having delivery schedules that do not contemplate delays.

Punctuality, flexibility of the offer and fast response times make Eurovast a trustworthy and reliable partner. The pivot to growth is given by the investments brought to fruition in the course of the years and designed to strengthen both the infrastructures and the technological sphere. The investment made in 2007 allowed the company to adopt new production systems in the mills aimed at improving the quality of the paper, and the purchase of new machines for the converting facilities brought to an enhancement of the quality and aesthetic aspect of the products.


Not just innovating, but constant innovation of the offer has allowed this group to conquer new market shares, consistently offering a range of rolls capable of satisfying the quality and quantity demands of retailing - an increasingly demanding partner - and of consumers, consolidating the pluses in excellence acknowledged to the products. Pluses that can be summarized in attention to health and safety, practicality and eco-sustainability, fruit of a preferred choice relationship that bonds the company to its customers.

We can safely state that what makes Eurovast unique in the industrial scenario is its entrepreneur, Vincenzo Romano who, with determination, humility and simplicity, has fostered its gradual, healthy and constant development with a consistentlypositive growth trend.

Many of the 130 people working at Eurovast have grown together with the company and they all share a daily commitment to contribute to its success. Each person actively participates in company life because they feel integrally part of it. In 2011 Eurovast aims at consolidating its brand and its presence in sales points through a process of loyalty building and innovation: the two new guidelines fruit of a strategic action aimed at strengthening and supporting sales, marketing and communication. Eurovast is travelling towards the future, distinguishing itself in a concrete way.

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