MILE 5.1: when technology becomes versatile, safe and available to anyone!

the best thing about being a world leader in high-tech products is that you're the first to know.

Eleni Chioutakou - Marketing Director - Machinery, Fabio Perini S.p.A.

Converters tend to share their future intentions, current expectations as well as their latest experiences. They knock on your door to check whether you happen to have the right product for them and they consult you when they are thinking about diving into unknown waters.

It also entails a large amount of responsibility. When you interact with global players you must be up-to-date, able to satisfy a wide variety of requests and take action on all the issues that are brought up in the precious moments of feedback. The products we describe here confirm that beyond the internal hub of development and innovation of Fabio Perini, partnerships with customers, industry leaders and new players can only enhance the company's technological capabilities. Together we can drive growth for converting businesses and redefine what's possible. The MILE 5.1 line is designed for those eager to adopt the latest technologies to solve problems and capitalize on opportunities. But enough about philosophy; let's start talking about converting machines!


The MILE 5.1 REWINDER incorporates features that are considered a must by modern converters, such as a positive transfer system like the world-acclaimed Sincro one, a core handling system as the one you can find on higher level machines and the ultimate flexibility for roll specifications.


EFFICIENCY. The servo-controlled core introduction fingers (no maintenance-prone transportation chains) are focused on precision. Glue lines are applied in the correct position during the transfer phase: in this way product quality remains constant through time even at high speeds, while core jams are reduced significantly, allowing you to gain additional runtime per day.


ERGONOMICS. The improved accessibility to the rewinder makes removal of paper jams easier and safer. Not only does this enhancement reduce the time to remove paper down to 5 minutes, but it also makes general housekeeping a completely different story.


FLEXIBILITY. As some markets are already moving toward bigger roll diameters, the MILE 5.1 rewinder comes with the opportunity to produce logs up to 200 mm (7.8")! Converters of jumbo kitchen towels - a product which is appearing more and more on supermarket shelves around the world - can now find a flexible partner to work with.Further to this, all MILE 5.1 rewinders are pre-arranged to take a twin perforation unit that makes changing from toilet rolls to kitchen towels and vice-versa very simple, as there is no need to remove or add blades: a significant tool to reduce machine downtime. The rewinder is supplied in a standard format with a side frame to accommodate a twin perforation unit and you can also decide to add the second rotating roll at a later stage.


SAFETY. The MILE 5.1 rewinder is provided with an overhead conveyor and the possibility to add a perfume application unit, eliminating obstacles for the operator and creating a safer working environment. Particular importance has also been given to the guarding: the new design allows a better vision of the machinery by the operator so that he does not need to enter the line to inspect what is happening. And when he does have to enter the line, he will find that the machines have been designed to keep him safe, rather than adding protections and nip guards as an afterthought.And the MILE 5.1 line incorporates the same safety elements (such as door switches) as the MILE 7.1 and Time lines, as safety is not an optional, but a design feature of Fabio Perini equipment.


COST EFFICIENCY. As in the MILE 7.1 and Time rewinders, the core hopper is directly linked to corewinder. This smart feature makes the core elevator unnecessary, thus lowering capital expense, and occupying less space. Quality wise, reduced core handling creates fewer possibilities todamage cores.


USER FRIENDLINESS. A 15" Touch Screen operator panel with PC functionality has been installed to offer the right insights that facilitate line operation. Not only graphics with self-explanatory iconic descriptions and useful warnings on preventive maintenance, but also smart troubleshooting is offered with component localization to help you quickly identify faults and resolve problems.

In addition, an improved process control function, like the ones usually found on high-level lines, is incorporated in the panel, giving the possibility to easily export product parameters and production data to any PC or specific data management system.


Let's now move on to the Embosser Unit... The new 452 Embosser Laminator has been designed to offer versatility, better accessibility and safety. Adding the necessary steel & rubber rolls you can produce any type of configuration: DESL, DECO and Point-to-Point.

Despite its versatility, the 452 embosser is an extremely compact unit, very easy to maintain thanks to an exclusive system of guides that allows to move away the mobile lamination unit, thus offering maximum access for the operator to easily remove paper jams and clean the steel rolls quickly. A further advantage of this system is that the embosser has no overhead obstacles for the removal of lamination and steel rolls, making this operation easy and - above all - extremely safe.

Another feature is that pneumatic pistons are used for roll adjustments - with the option to work directly from the control panel - significantly reducing energy consumption and maintenance required for the entire unit.Last but not least, the 452 embosser can be supplied with a special feature that allows to change configuration from DESL to Point-to-Point in only 90 minutes!


Smaller optimizations have been added as a result of the frequent interaction with converters who, throughout their experiences, have decided to share precious feedbacks and comments. Larger marrying roll diameter to improve ply adhesion and larger diameter cliché roll with independent motor instead of timing belts for better metering of the glue are only some of the improvements.


The Unwind stand has been an equally important project for this new line and the 365 unwind stand is designed with the everyday activities of the operator in mind: the two unwind belts are positioned in the centre, leaving space for two lateral platforms to allow the operator more freedom to move around the pa-rent reel. In this way, he can perform various tasks - for example remove splices or bring the leading edge of the web to the thread-up belts - in a safe and easy manner, without having to lean over the reel or to stand up on spacer bars or other parts of the machine. And since the 365 unwind stand is pre-arranged to work with the ply exiting from above or below, it can be arranged to work in-line or back-to-back, according to the customer's preference.


Last but not least, the natural evolution of the well-known 176E log saw, with more than 200 models sold worldwide, has arrived. The new 177 log saw has been designed incorporating the advantages of simplicity of use, reliability and flexibility of the previous model, with the addition of a feature requested by many markets: the possibility of cutting logs up to 200 mm (7.8") in diameter!The patented orbital head ensures excellent cutting quality on toilet rolls and kitchen towels at high speeds and the angle of the grinding unit can easily be changed to adapt to various types of paper quality. And the vacuum Trimex, a trouble-free unit which handles rolls very delicately thanks to its continuous-flow, friction-free operation, is now equipped with wider vacuum belts to guarantee perfect hold even with 200 mm rolls!


From the unwind stands to the rewinders to the log saws, Fabio Perini's technologically advanced pro-ducts and services provide world solutions to the toughest converting challenges and add value for customers looking to produce efficiently, reliably, cost effectively and with greater awareness of environmental responsibility.

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