Vamos: let's head toward the future of toilet rolls!

The innovative product by Fripa has an original name and payoff that can certainly arouse a reaction by consumers. Vamos is a revolutionary product that changes the concept of "classic and traditional" roll, giving rise to a new path for commodity products such as toilet rolls to embark on.

Maura Leonardi

Innovating means daring, challenging the market with new ideas and a different approach. Apple is a perfect example of this. With its provocative slogan "Think Different", the company launched a strong message by presenting a new technology concept using a simple, immediate and designed approach communicated through the philosophy of disruption (ruptures and creativity that breaks with conventions).


This breaking away from the pattern of contents and container was a perfect success, making Apple today the icon par excellence of technology + design. In the same way, also Vamos represents a break with the classic patterns of toilet rolls.

Its secret lies "in the core". Following its "preview" launch at the PLMA show (Amsterdam 24-25 May), it was officially presented in September, and for Fripa it represents the concrete answer to the environmental issue. With 16% more paper (150 sheets) and 25 sheets inside the core, Vamos is a 100% usable tissue paper product, with nearly no waste. Its removable core makes it unique in its kind.


By applying a slight pressure to the internal part of the roll, a "pocket-size", 25-sheet roll pops out, perfect for domestic use or as a "take-along" mini-roll. The kit available on the Fripa website (www.vamos-fripa.de) is a perfect and fun way to store the "roll within a roll". Vamos comes in a practical 6-roll pack of 150 sheets each, with 6 internal rolls.

The environmental problem is on everyone's mind these days. Daily, we can read articles and reviews about companies committed to the reduction of CO2 - bitter enemy of the entire production chain. A truly global problem that in these last few years has exponentially increased the awareness of producers - both private and public - leading them to adopt focused environmental policies aimed for example at the use of alternative energy sources or at the reduction of waste through a more attentive use of resources or through recycling. And all these activities are directly perceived by end users who are increasingly more mindful of the planet - an end user who wants to actively participate in a focused campaign to safeguard our ecosystem.


Vamos is a 100% environmentally friendly product. The lack of a cardboard core reduces cardboard waste and translates into a convenient product, usable to the last sheet, and this also entails optimization of transportation costs - something that has always constituted a sore note when it comes to tissue paper products. "For us, Vamos is a product that today speaks to a market of consumers attentive to the future of the planet and eager to contribute to safeguarding the environment. It represents a new way to conceive the roll, innovating the field in concrete fashion", confidently sustains Torsten Bahl, Sales Director at Fripa.

For some years now, tissue products have been feeling the need for renewal, changing "look" and presenting themselves in a newfound way on the market - a market that, in some countries, is saturated as far as consumption.

And this saturation has led companies to optimize productions, change packaging formats, find new embossing patterns, work on the composition of the cellulose, add perfumes or vary the number of sheets. Vamos has succeeded in breaking traditional patterns by launching a new market trend.


"Surely, with Vamos, we are focusing on value and not on volumes: it is a product with a high added value dedicated to those who really understand its worth", adds Mr. Bahl.

Upstream of this revolutionary product is Fabio Perini S.p.A. technology that patented this new process that "converts" simple toilet rolls into innovative products. As Philip Kotler says, today it is difficult to capture consumers' attention given the abundance of communication and information means: the messages diffused are so many that being effective is increasingly becoming a skill that few possess. So, how can we stimulate the attention of our interlocutors who, faced with strongly standardized products, buy based on price? Simple: by selling value. A twofold value, intrinsic and in the packaging. "Companies that want to be successful on the market today by maintaining or conquering new shares are those selling ‘super value', i.e., a value that exceeds the use of the object but that has emotional connotations." This statement by the father of marketing is perfect to describe the new Vamos product, a product that marks the future of the roll. For now, the toilet roll, but who knows? - maybe in the future also of the kitchen towel.

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