The new Casmatic wrappers... "MILEs ahead in packaging"

The MILE philosophy presented at the 2011 edition of the Tissue World show in Nice by the Fabio Perini companies (with the Fabio Perini and Casmatic brands), lies at the basis of the latest technological solutions for packaging designed and produced by Casmatic. Meet the new wrapper CMW 208, the bundler S8 and the new T.I.P. Sort Out

Perini Journal

Product packaging today represents the first step to attract the attention of evenmost aloofconsumer wandering around the aisles of a supermarket, often bored by the same mono-chromatic packages that do little to make heads turn. But this attitude changes as soon as we notice something new on the shelf, something different, perhaps multi-colored or simply having an unusual shape. Of course, as far as tissue products are concerned, we cannot play around with the shapes themselves, but we can certainly have fun with the package format and its colors, and cater to the aspect of environmental protection which today constitutes an important issue also for the most uninterested consumer.


The commitment by companies manufacturing packaging machinery is to find reliable, innovative technological solutions capable of "dressing the roll" so as to make it unique - because we all know that it is not always just a question of substance but also of form! And it becomes imperative to design and produce "intelligent" machinery, too - automated machines capable of working in full respect of the environment. But how is it possible to merge all these characteristics together? Casmatic has done it through an exercise in style that has yielded new packaging solutions.The common element behind the Casmatic novelties is the MILE philosophy: a perfect synthesis of innovation meant as the ability to differentiate itself from others by proposing wrappers capable of answering environmental requirements, efficiency and simplicity needs in terms of design and technology, engineered to meet the future. Let's look at these new packaging systems in more detail.


The new wrapper for single rolls model CMW208 has a compact and ergonomic design that facilitates its placement in the production area, simplifying installation, maintenance and operational procedures. An evolution of the consolidated model CMW 200, the new CMW 208 is more productive and flexible, thanks to the possibility of using both paper and polythene, offering a new type of package format for toilet rolls and kitchen towels at a maximum speed of 200 packs per minute (guaranteed in production). Not just productivity, ergonomics and flexibi-lity for this new model, but also attention to the environment. How? As a machinery supplier, Casmatic placesgreat attention to social responsibility by proposing its commercial partners solutions designed to reduceenvironmental impact.


With the new optional "Twist and Tuck" system, the individual roll is wrapped with paper without the use of glues or adhesives, but through a simple system of - as the name says - twisting and tucking that wraps the roll and protects it by carefully folding the paper inside the core. Paper or polythene: this is the flexibility of the new CMW 208 that can wrap the standard 2-way formats, the single roll with polythene at the maximum speed of 200 rolls per minute and the single Twist and Tuck roll (with paper) at the maximum speed of 160 rolls per minute.


Summarizing, we can safely state that with this new wrapper, Casmatic has joined flexibility, productivity, environmental protection and... maybe we are forgetting a very important aspect for entrepreneurs - the possibility of working with a very low paper grammage that also allows reducing costs. A very important issue! The new reel holder system with axial shaft makes unwinding more fluid and is thus able to handle reduced grammages. Automation of the different polythene/paper phases required during format changes allows the operator to work faster, and this translates into greater production efficiency.


And efficiency also passes through maintenance: the new torque control (jam detection) is faster in intervention and diagnosis because in case of jams, it stops the machine, protecting mechanical components. No manual intervention by the operator is required for product changeovers thanks to the adoption of the total or partial machine filling/emptying procedure that allows immediate product change. Features such as the double infeed chain for exact placement of the roll on the wrapping cycle reduces any bouncing of the rolls during the wrapping process itself. With the CMW 208, Casmatic answers the needs of form (wrapping of the single roll) but also of substance thanks to the numerous technical features adopted.

Another interesting novelty in the Casmatic machine range is the new model S8, fruit of research aimed at proposing technological solutions engineered in respect of the environment. Ergonomic and compact, the new bundler unites the innovations typical of high-range machines also for medium-size converters working in emerging countries that want to complete the end-of-line segment of their equipment through a reduced but profitable investment. The design of the new S8 is the perfect union between simplicity and compactness. This machine allows bundling large quantities of packs up to a maximum bundle width of 920 mm and a max height of up to 400 mm. And all this at a max production speed of 8 bundles per minute. The guidelines in the design and study of this new little technological jewel by Casmatic were maintenance needs and the reduction of format change times. Parts more often subjected to wear are easily access-ible and replaceable, making maintenance operations simple.


The new bundler was built using flexible design criteria that offer customers the opportunity of choosing between a "basic", very mechanical and not fully automated sealing system, or an advanced sealing system, automated with a greater number of electrical components. And the pusher, too, may be chosen between the classic long-arm version or the telescopic version that allows a further reduction of the space needed to house the machine.Innovation is embodied in these new machines but it is also an attitude that leads the Fabio Perini companies to offer maintenance solutions that can improve the production process. And so Casmatic proposes the new Sort Out (Systematic Overturned Rolls Take Out) T.I.P. to the market. Born from the synergetic collaboration between Casmatic and converters, the new T.I.P. allows avoiding the problems typical of companies having very large production sites where machine stops are often due to an erroneous positioning of the roll on the conveyor or of trimmings.


The aim of this interesting novelty is to prevent production stops during the wrapping phase due to external causes like for example standing rolls or rolls improperly positioned on the conveyor. Thanks to an intelligent system of detection of any improperly placed rolls, the Sort Out T.I.P. automatically expels them. These rolls will then be retrieved and put back into the production cycle at the end of the shift and wrapped. This new T.I.P. avoids production stops and the need for the operator to control and start the wrapping process anew.

Simplicity in construction, efficiency and intelligent technical features make the new Casmatic machine range a concrete answer for converters who want to be one step ahead in their field.

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