Violeta: the name says it all!

If we are speaking about Violeta we are in Bosnia and Herzegovina and precisely in Grude.

Maura Leonardi

This very young company was founded in 1990 and was initially involved in the commercial trade business for the distribution of famous brands in the field of foodstuffs such as Ferrero, Barilla and Paladin. Today, it is present in the tissue market with its Violeta product range and Teta Violeta distinctive brand. Let's get to know this company a bit better.

With a turnover of 90,000,000.00 Euro, today Violeta employs 630 people and has a production of 25,000 tons per year, exporting its products in 12 countries. It is main producer for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. Updating and development are the bases of Violeta's Mission, founded on a clear vision: the company's main business is focused on hygiene products. Violeta is the name of the company and also their main brand. Headed by Petar Corluka, founder and owner, in 2002 Violeta undertook an investment and transformation process that allowed the company to earn a 65% share in the tissue products market after just two years.


The investment in technology through the purchase of a converting line manufactured by Fabio Perini S.p.A. in 2010 for the new facilities in Zagreb was the pivot that will allow sales in Croatia to increase by 40%. Many things have changed since its entrance in the market.

Today, tissue product consumption in Bosnia and Herzegovina is around 6 kg per capita with increase prospects in the next 5 years that will bring it to 10 kg, while for Croatia and Slovenia per capita consumption forecasts speak of 15 kg and 16 kg, respectively.


When Violeta began its entrepreneurial activity, there were no local producers in Bosnia-Herzegovina and this opportunity allowed them to cut out an important spot for themselves as the main supplier to the Balkan States. A leadership that they were able to maintain thanks to their commitment to offering consumers a new hygiene dimension guaranteed by a high level of the quality of life.


The trend for what concerns the products requested by final consumers is guided by parameters of optimal quality, softness and bulk. And these characteristics are satisfied by the range of tissue products offered by Violeta. Teta Violeta is their spearhead brand; "Aunt" Violeta for kitchen towels. An icon embodying a typical family figure: a person with a very positive attitude, closely bonding with the feminine world and who, in a fun and entertaining way, dispenses practical advice on the motley uses and advantages of the Teta Violeta kitchen towel, not just for this particular room of the house. A multi-tasking housewife who - through a very positive TV communication - has stimulated the interest of the female audience for this new three-ply jumbo roll sold in a single roll pack or in a two- or four-roll package. A communication concept supported also by multi-colored, modern and fun package graphics featuring Teta Violeta imme-diately distinguishes these rolls on the shelves.


Media publicity through TV and printed paper together with a clear iconographic reference make Teta Violeta one of the main brands of the East European market - a strong presence that powerfully contrasts the multinational brands, too, although these are well known in the rest of Europe. Thanks to its flexibility, the company promptly answers market demands, adapting to the different trends. What makes this company independent is also its attitude not to imitate products already present on shelves, but rather to innovate through features that allow it to launch new challenges, arouse the curiosity of consumers and be one step ahead ofother competitors. And this objective is attained through the different marketing instruments used to promote the numerous product categories and through their clear and easily recognizable brand, making Violeta a product whose name says it all.


The Marketing Department is headed by Edo Numiç who, toge-ther with his team, creates advert campaigns that highlight the pro-ducts' quality and functional characteristics, like the anti-acne wet wipes, for example. A product that demonstrates how this young company is attentive and receptive to market demands, anticipating them and creating consumer needs. And all this in full respect of the environment through the use of recycled raw materials and an environmental protection policy that lies at the base of Violeta's philosophy.

The acquisition of the Gruene Punkt license for the film used to wrap the products and the implementation of electrical energy saving systems are just two examples of their commitment. And together with safeguarding the environment, the company has set up social policies aimed at helping associations and institutions that care for abandoned children or children with special needs. Activities that clearly illustrate Violeta's social commitment.


Production, distribution and sale are its objectives to satisfy the needs of final consumers and those of their commercial partners and they have reached these goals by focusing on process quality and on an efficient sales network that ensures the best Customer Service. Violeta is a prime example of a young and modern company that wants to consolidate its position both on the national and international markets, strengthening its image as a synonym of hygiene and quality.

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