The new X5: lesser space, greater advantages

Only a few months have passed since the official introduction of the X5, the new automatic, compact rewinder launched by Fabio Perini S.p.A. during the March 2003 Open House, and the results are immediately clear.

Perini Journal

Compact size, modularity, reduced space, flexibility, new winding concept, the need for only one operator for the automatic operation of the machine are the technical characteristics that have already conquered markets the world over. Born as an answer to the requirements of emerging markets, the new X5 is perfect both for those converters who are starting a new converting operation for toilet rolls and kitchen towels and who would like to contain initial economic and ergonomical investments, as well as for medium and large-size converters who are already active in the field and who want to improve their production and quality performance. At a maximum speed of 350 mpm and extremely high flexibility, the X5 is capable of producing up to 15 log/min of high-quality toilet rolls and kitchen towels. Newborn offspring of the next generation of machinery, it has a compact and modular design and, in just a few meters of space, encompasses all the innovations typical of Perini technology. The surface winding principle allows perfect, problem-free glue pick-up on the core, and the same glue can be used also for the final tail sealing of the log.

Furthermore, every unit’s electrical panel is integrated directly on-board the machine, thus facilitating installation operations.

Innovative technical details have given rise to a precise sheet counting mechanism that can be incremented by 1.

This new rewinder replaces the previous Perini Mod. 813 - present on the market for many years - and, thanks to the double embosser, guarantees greater flexibility in terms of finished product and a better quality of the rolls produced. The absence of trims maximizes production and avoids waste. This revolutionary new machine has already travelled the world: Brazil, Italy, Romania, Germany, Japan, Spain, China and will surely continue its journey in the year that has just begun.•

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