October 2003: Perini Engraving is born in Lucca

Perini Engraving was officially inaugurated in October during the Miac show in Lucca. The Perini Journal exclusively shows you this new organisation, born from Fabio Perini S.p.A.’s commitment to satisfy the needs of customers, anticipating market trends.

Lucia Tiberi

At Fabio Perini S.p.A., the technical and aesthetic value of embossing in the converting process has always been recognised as fundamental, and the study of patterns dates back to the beginning of the company’s activity itself.

With the institution of Perini Engraving, Fabio Perini S.p.A. consolidates and confirms the long traditionof its activity and research in the field of engraving. Perini Engraving is present on the market as a global supplier of consulting and solutions in the field of embossing, answering customer needs at all market levels.

The new company, autonomous and independent, maintains a contiguity and continuità relationship with its origins; not by chance it is located just a few metres from the Fabio Perini S.p.A. facilities.

PERINI ENGRAVING STEMS FROM THE AGREEMENT BETWEEN FABIO PERINI S.P.A. AND SIMEC GROUP, a well-known engraved rolls manufacturer. In the new company, Fabio Perini technology in the field of machinery and converting processes merges with Simec’s experience in the specific area of embossing rolls and chemical engravings.

The Simec Group, collaborator of Fabio Perini S.p.A. for years, is specialized in metal engravings for various applications, among which tissue converting; it has been active in the mechanical industry for over 20 years.

Through this agreement with Fabio Perini S.p.A., Simec has completely conveyed to Perini Engraving one field of its activity - that concerning tissue - still keeping the other fields of its production separate and autonomous (anilox rolls production, engravings aimed at folded tissue products or at embossing on non-tissue materials, etc.)

AT THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE “AGE OF EMBOSSING”, the existing embossing methods were basically three: one for toilet rolls, one for kitchen towels and a third undifferentiated type for both products.

If we run through the evolution of the “art of engraving”, the first important breakthrough able to change the market dates back to the early 1990s, thanks to the big north American multinational groups, which had been urging the need for a decorated and personalised product.

In that period, this trend took shape in the innovative art embossing concept: the use of embossing as a means of detailed decoration and iconographic conveyor of product characteristics such as softness, absorbency and others, according to the customer’s specific requirements.

The introduction of art embossing quickly caused a market revolution and a memorable turning point for all roll manufacturers: in the middle of the 1990s, the demand for art embossed products was noticeably increasing.

FABIO PERINI S.P.A. WAS AMONG THE FIRST EUROPEAN COMPANIES TO TAKE UP THE CHALLENGE OF THIS NEW MARKET TREND: the first art embossing test was carried out on kitchen towels and, considering the positive result, the new technology was applied also to toilet rolls. The technological and production development of the embossing division of Fabio Perini S.p.A. is rich and articulated and passes through a complex history of trial, research and testing of increasingly innovative and elaborated embossing patterns. The research carried out in this field includes study and testing of new embossing techniques, the use of lotions, perfumes and coloured glue, and leads to the combination of different kinds of embossing that even confers to the web effects similar to TAD.

TODAY ABOUT 80% OF THE EMBOSSING PATTERNS AVAILABLE ON THE EUROPEAN MARKET COMES FROM THE RESEARCH CARRIED OUT BY FABIO PERINI S.P.A.; this is also the case of deco-embossed products and all the different coloured glues applied. Protagonist of such experimentation has always been the pilot machine which Fabio Perini S.p.A. offers to its customers for test and pre-sales trials. This service is retained very important by customers, as they can actually see not only the rolls but also the final product, in just a few days’ time. They can verify the embossing effect on the web, thus maximally reducing the uncertainties that go along with the start of a brand new production.

THE PERINI PILOT MACHINE, NOTICEABLY VERSATILE AND FLEXIBLE THANKS ALSO TO ITS SMALL DIMENSIONS, enables rapid changes also between very different products and allows time optimisation during the test. The purpose of autonomously offering the customer a wide, complete and personalised package of study, consulting and pre-sales testing till the realisation and delivery of the final roll of any type, was one of the main reasons for the birth of Perini Engraving.

Indeed, Fabio Perini S.p.A. has always been autonomous as far as mechanically engraved rolls design and realisation are concerned, but chemical engravings have had a different story.

These are the two main techniques used in roll engraving, very different both for methods of realisation and for applications. The first technique is based on tooling machines and is used for simple embossing or micro-embossing; the second one, achieved through the use of laser or through elaborate chemical processes, is used for more advanced decorations, such as art embossing. In the past, Fabio Perini S.p.A. used to study and develop the embossing patterns up to the realisation of samples, but commissioned the production of art embossing rolls to external manufacturers.

THE NEW ORGANISATION GUARANTEES A COMPLETE AND GLOBAL SERVICE THAT OFFERS CUSTOMERS MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY, THE HIGHEST DISCRETION AND PRIVACY. The consulting proposed is exhaustive and satisfies all requirements and needs: Perini Engraving’s experience and culture in the field of embossing and convertine processes direct customers to the most suitable kind of engraving.

The new company supports the customer to conceive, elaborate and realise the most innovative and most suitable pattern, according to technological and market requirements; it then technically develops the pattern. Through the use of thesmall sample roll the pilot machine produces samples; when the optimal result is achieved, the engraved roll is manufactured and delivered to the customer.

THE ROLLS SUPPLIED BY PERINI ENGRAVING RANGE FROM THE SMALLER SIZES UP TO THE XXL SIZE AND BEYOND; they are fit for economic machines (very simple mechanically engraved rolls) for the entry level market, as well as for highly evolved machines (art embossing chemical engravings) used for productions aimed at the most evolved markets.

The commercialisation of Perini Engraving products denotes the strict relation to the original company: the new company sells its products autonomously but also makes use of Fabio Perini S.p.A.’s network as far as sales and services (spares and shipping in particular) are concerned, thus guaranteeing the same reliability and efficiency as the original company.

The development program of Perini Engraving includes also a further strengthening of the components of consulting and testing; one of the projects under way is a second pilot machine, with 300 mm format. This confirms how important the company deems this kind of service.

The foundation of Perini Engraving has the main result of offering the tissue market a production and technological development system. This entails the supply of a complete process by one highly organised company, supported by two rich traditions merged into the same project. And everything is warranted by the thirty-year-long Perini technology.•

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