The World of Tissue meets in Lucca

Miac, the International Tissue Industry Exhibition for the technological updating of tissue producers and converters, celebrated in October its 10th edition, confirming the importance of its role through the strong participation of leading companies and specialists of this field.

Perini Journal

THE TRADITIONAL PARTICIPATION OF FABIO PERINI SPA AND KPL PACKAGING became this year the occasion for officially introducing Perini Engraving S.r.l., the new company dedicated to the study and realisation of embossing rolls (see p. 3), and to propose a two-day “show-within-the show” in the form of an Open House at the PIP Mugnano Sud facility to show the ultimate in the folded product field. Andnot only. The subjects of the demonstration were brand new machinery or machines that have been renewed according to the Nexxt philosophy. More than 200 visitors were present at PIP Mugnano Sud to attend the demonstration.

FABIO PERINI S.P.A. PRESENTED THE NEW FOLD 8.7 OTTOCENTO - an evolution of the previous mod. 8.7 Techne - that represents the application of the Nexxt philosophy to the field of folded products. Thanks to a revolutionary technology, which applies a suction device in the folding heads, the machine exceeds the speed of 800 mpm, with a noticeable reduction of maintenance and machine downtime.

The new 704 Line by the Prima Division was on demonstration, too. Ideated to satisfy the requirements of the entry level market, it produces both toilet and industrial/institutional rolls. Cutting can be performed through slitters located directly on the machine or through the relative log saws. For these characteristics, the 704 line is particularly fit for those producers who would not like to exclude any possible production or would like to enter a new market, thus enhancing their own business opportunities.

Among the novelties presented, there was also the Trimex Monorail, installed on the log saw to separate trims from rolls immediately after cutting; instead of using the traditional suction device, the monorail exploits the force of gravity. Its main characteristics are simplicity of operation and easy maintenance.

KPL PACKAGING PRESENTEDITS HANDLE APPLICATOR MODEL CASMATIC MAC 120AND THE WRAPPING MACHINE MODEL CASMATIC CMF 370. The first is the new fast (up to 120 handle/min) and extremely flexible handle applicator for toilet/kitchen towel roll packs. It can apply handles on all kinds of packs produced by Casmatic wrappers and on any side of the pack. It is compact, easy to operate and has been designed to be easily integrated also in existing lines; its structure allows easy extraction of the unwinding and handle positioning unit from the machine, permitting easy access for any kind of technical intervention. With handle-less packs, it is also possible to perform format change and maintenance processes while the line is in operation.

The Casmatic CMF 370 wraps table napkins on single and double stacks, in a wide range of heights. It is a highly flexible and reliable machine, which stems from the experience of more than 100 PAC 370 models sold all over the world and enhanced through the use of servodrives for the main movements.

THE REAL PROTAGONIST OF PERINI’S OPEN HOUSE WAS THE NEW 704 LINE, WHICH WORKED AT THE SPEED OF 400 MPM. Its compact design facilitates installation and maintenance procedures, resulting in noticeable economic and time savings: reduction of the number of operators necessary for installation and the possibility for the producer to autonomously perform the start-up.

The elimination of the mandrel represents one of the line’s main innovations: core infeed is carried out through the core bin - for long cores - or from outside the machine – for pre-cut cores. The model 704 unites the characteristics of easy operation, innovation and versatility: the double exit, the slitting ply-bonding option (ply-bonding and cutting on the same roll), the possibility of a double unwinder and double embosser all make this machine very flexible and fit for a variety of production requirements.

NOT ONLY DID THE OPEN HOUSE PROPOSE MACHINERY AND TECHNOLOGY, BUT IT ALSO PRESENTED SERVICES THROUGH THREE INFORMATION POINTS, which gave the opportunity to introduce the activities of Perini Engraving S.r.l., the Spares Service and Training Division of Fabio Perini S.p.A. - dedicated to spares, services, training and documentation - and Green Bay Engineering. •

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