The ICT Group announces the start-up of the new Argon facility project, in Spain.

In December 2003, at the General Aragonese Deputation Headquarters, The President of the Aragon Autonomous Community signed with ICT a Protocol which gives the go ahead to the new Italian group’s project.

Perini Journal

During an official ceremony held in the prestigious “Sala de las Columnas” of the Edificio Pignatelli in Saragozza, headquarters of the “Deputación General Aragonés”, the ICT Group signed a protocol about the purchasing and the industrial development of a 175,000 square metre area at El Burgo de Ebro, near Saragozza.

ICT IS A LEADING COMPANY IN THE FIELD OF TISSUE CONSUMER ITEMS PRODUCTION AND CONVERTING; it is located in Lucca, where about ¾ of the total Italian production of toilet rolls, kitchen towels, napkins and handkerchiefs is made. The Regional Executive Officer, Marcelino Iglesias, and other important delegates of the Aragonese Community welcomed the representatives of the Italian group. The President congratulated the Group’s board of directors on the choice of Aragona as their new site in Spain, and underlined the importance of this investment for the region, which has as one of the main projects of its industrial development the foundation of a paper district.

RICCARDO BACCELLI, MANAGING DIRECTOR, EXPRESSED HIS COMPLETE CONFIDENCE IN THE CHOICE OF BURGO DE EBRO: ”In your town we have found something which we very much value: sincerity, kindness, determination in problem solving and professionalism in all the people that we have met so far. In Burgo de Ebro we will build a modern plant equipped with the most advanced production technologies. We are going to invest a total amount of 130 million Euro in two phases: this will entail the employment of 250 people. Today the first phase - a 70 million investment and 125 new job opportunities - is under way”.

ICT, WHICH HAS BEEN RUNNING A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS IN SPAIN FOR SOME YEARS, has decided to strengthen its presence in the Iberian market by building a new integrated facility for the production of tissue consumer products. The group is not new to the international scene. In 2001 it officially inaugurated a new greenfield facility at Kostrzyn, in Poland, which has an annual capacity of 70,000 tons of tissue products, mainly directed to the nearby German market. Part of the group are also two sales organisations: ICT France in Paris and ICT Ibérica in Madrid.

“WE ARE VERY PROUD OF OUR SUCCESS IN POLAND” comments José Luis Pérez Quintana, ICT Ibérica Managing Director “and we intend to repeat this success in Spain. We know this market very well, we have carefully analysed it, evaluating current trends and possible developments and conceived a production facility able to provide the required high-level, medium-level and low-level products with the highest efficiency”.

The company estimates that the products coming from the Aragonese facility will reach market shelves in the first half of 2005. ICT, an independent group with a total capacity of 250,000 tons and a turnover that in 2003 exceeded 285 million Euro, employs 7,000 people in total. Its brand, Foxy, detains a share of approx. 10% on the Italian market. Besides Italy, it also supplies key retailers’ labels in most European countries. •

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