LPC Builds more links with the environment

The LPC Group has invested over £1 million on a new link bridge to automatically transport tissue paper parent reels, weighing up to 2 tonnes, from its paper mills to its converting plant.

Perini Journal

This bridge is great news for the local environment, as previously the journey of the parent reels from production to the converting plant was made possible via 100 HGV journeys every week, across LPC’s Hamilton Industrial Park site. Comments LPC Group MD, Amin Tejani: “The bridge means a significant reduction in vehicle emissions and adds to the excellent environmental credentials that our tissue paper production facility already has.

“As a Group, it has always been a top priority of ours to invest in environmentally sound technologies and plant. The bridge is just one of many systems that we have put into place in Leicester to ensure that our production facility works in harmony with the local environment.”

This new bridge will free up more of LPC’s fleet and also reduce the cost of moving the reels around the paper production plant. It also means that LPC’s Leicester production facility is now completely physically linked.

As the parent reels will now be automatically moved from the paper mill to the conversion plant, there will be less human handling of the reels, which will make the working environment even safer for employees and help to further preserve the company’s excellent safety record.

This is also good news for LPC’s customers as less manual handling of the reels means the product receives less compression, which helps the tissue paper to retain more of its superior bulk.•

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