When the air gets cooler and the sun lingers ona bit before going down behind the last hill, we realize that something is changing.
If we think about the inventions that have become a given in our lives, we probably have a hard time starting the list.
Patrick Lumb, production designer for the Hollywood film industry, has chosen Lucca as his ideal place to live.
Your average British consumer favours brown eggs over white, making the assumption that brown eggs are produced by free range hens, while white, more than likely, come from battery farmed hens. In reality however, brown eggs, or white for that matter, are the result of genetic chance, with brown eggs just as likely to come from a white hen reared indoors as white are to come from a brown hen kept outdoors.
MIAC - International Paper Industry Exhibition - is the official Italian event by the Assocarta Paper Industry Association that represents paper, cardboard and pulp producing companies in Italy. The 19th edition of theshow was welcomed with great interest by all those involved in the field. The figures of the three-day event held in October of last year (precisely on the 10th, 11th and 12th) once again confirm the show’s success1
Now we want to return to speaking about technology, but in a rather different tone: technology for the future, i.e., the choices made today that can influence our future industrial development.
Bulgaria, a country of eight million inhabitants, has a tissue consumption of 3.3kg per capita. Tissue products are strictly guided by price - something that is putting basic products on top of the selling list with the largest piece of the pie by far.
Ondunorte - Cia. de Papel e Papelão Ondulado do Norte - has a 46-year history in the field of paper. Generating profits and doing so sustainably at its production sites is the company’s main mission.
Entering the tissue business in 2007, based on numerous small machines, Huamei has found success. Now it is investing in a big new mill with world-class equipment to make highgrade quality.
As soon as you set foot in the center of Buenos Aires it is obvious that you are in a city with a cosmopolitan flare that is, at the same time, European.
Walking into Walgreens is like visiting a “living” Americana museum showing everything on US culture and way of life, like a state license plate or apple pie.
Born from the idea and collaboration of 12 companies involved in the manufacture of tissue machines and systems, iT’s tissue - to be held in Lucca in the month of June (from 22 to 30) - is the new and important appointment to gain insight into the future of tissue.
Luisa Canovi has a diploma in scenography from the Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice and a degree from the DAMS (Drama, Art and Music Studies) of Bologna with a thesis on animation film and a film on animated origami.
In the 16th century, the concept of hygiene changed radically and the dirt of the Late Medieval epoch gave way to a “powder-puffed” dirt that will cease only at the beginning of the 19th century.
PMP Group (PMP) has been involved in the paper business for almost 160 years. The company built its identity under the names H.Fullner, Fampa and Beloit Poland. Since 2000, it operates under the name PMP Group and is a Polish-American private company with 5 facilities in Poland, the USA and China.
Marcus Hellberg, Business Area Manager Tissue and Board for Södra Cell, reflects on the increasingly important role of softwood pulp in the fibre mix.
When I was in college, the focus of the marketing exam was the 4P model... A few years later, Mr. Kotler war already announcing their association with 4C... And today we are actually talking about Neuromarketing... Science evolves and marketing with it!
Carind can boast of a line for the Ho.Re.Ca. (Hotel-Restaurant-Catering) segment featuring bright and captivating characteristics and colors generally typical of consumer products.
WOBI is the nickname for the World Business Forum, traditional appointment organized by HSM that sees Milan as the global protagonist and two-day venue for a strategic panoramic window, rich in spurs on the present and the future.
Why this decision? To “break the ice”. Because in life outside our editorial headquarters, the strength of these technological solutions is becoming increasingly evident.
Often we discover that the technologies we exploit were born by chance or by necessity. It is due to this latter aspect that the Quick Response Code - QR Code™ - was born.
There are lots of different names for private brands. They are sometimes called private label, own brands, corporate brands, retailer brands or store brands. For the established national brands, they might be called trouble, while retailers perhaps see them as equity.
The Swiss Museum for Paper, Writing and Printing of Basel preserves and actively shares with visitors the ancient techniques that have allowed the collection and diffusion of ideas and knowledge throughout the centuries.
The International Exhibition dedicated to Paper that each year takes place in Sofia for the whole month of May is the perfect occasion to personally enjoy the thousand nuances that such a simple material can have if seen through the eyes of creativity, imagination and a tad of irreverence - typical in the world of Art, a world that has an innate ability to transform things, giving them a totally unexpected flavor.
The metallic geometries of Byun Sook-Kyung investigate the laws and energies of the universe to discover new dimensions.