The new spring

When the air gets cooler and the sun lingers ona bit before going down behind the last hill, we realize that something is changing.

It is the new spring.

The enchantment of that moment suggestsa pleasant stupor where desire, spurred by cultivated fantasy, can yield pleasant sensations and positive ideas.


It can move or even upset difficult and complex situations which, seen from another point of view, take on a different light, a more acceptable one, closer to our way of thinking, closer to our dreams.


Is it necessary to sleep in order to witness this magic?

Perhaps, but only if you are a light sleeper.

Only if you think, as Lao Tzu suggests, that “It’s better to light a candle than to curse thedarkness”. If you can enjoy the beauty of a daisy without asking about its fate.

But it is not enough.


The air of the new spring invites us to change, to renew ourselves. And we will try and obey it, promising to observe with renewed curiosity and greater attention what is happening in our world: a world made of paper and hence light and capable of flying high. But a powerful world, too, for the intelligence of its technology - it, too, continuously renewed to make things easier, safer and available to many.

And it can often be very surprising.


We will try and listen to people to exchange views. To share problems, convinced that the differences of opinion must not distance us but rather become the factor that leads us all to improve, together.


Our new spring has a rich history behind it.

A long-standing experience, most of which has been told in the pages of this magazine throughout its thirty-plus years of life.

And it will continue to tell, with renewed enthusiasm, about the thous and facets of the world of tissue.


Maura Leonardi

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