The Perini Journal arrives on your iPad

Why this decision? To “break the ice”. Because in life outside our editorial headquarters, the strength of these technological solutions is becoming increasingly evident.

Perini Journal

And while the paper version of our contents is still quantitatively and qualitatively incomparable to the digital offer, our intent is to begin exploring a new reality and to offer something really different compared not only to the experience of personally browsing through the pages ofthe magazine but also of leafing through it with a simple touch of the finger on your iPad or tablet!


The PJL APP for ipa d will allow you to always have the PJL with you so that you’re always in good company! Not only information but a space for ideas, multimedia contents, in-depth notions and a bit of fun. A virtual space always just a touch away, dedicated to the PJL Community and its over 20,000 readers worldwide. News and novelties, technology and innovation: faster and always on-line.

The new PJL APP: a collector of all the contents that rotate around the world of tissue.

Coming soon on your iPad. May 2013 •

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