Carind: the Evolution of product Value!

Carind can boast of a line for the Ho.Re.Ca. (Hotel-Restaurant-Catering) segment featuring bright and captivating characteristics and colors generally typical of consumer products.

Paola Pellegrini

In 2012, during the Issa Interclean exhibition in Amsterdam (see Perini Journal n. 39) the company presented its new registered brand range called Value The Evolution®, designed for the hotel industry and for companies involved in catering.

In the course of the last few years, Carind’s offer for this target segment has grown considerably and is now comprised of a very well structured range capable of answering the most disparate market requests. The Value The Evolution® line includes first and foremost interfolded table napkins that come in a pack closed on 6 sides, a feature that fully answers hygiene and food safety norms required by companies working in the hotel and catering fields and, together with other accessories belonging to this range, they have been attentively designed to satisfy numerous other demands, too.

Another fundamental feature of this napkin line is the “one by one” system that guarantees excellent results in terms of easy use of the product and an effective optimization of the quantity of paper used, eliminating waste on the one hand and generating a savings of up to 30% compared to traditional napkin packs on the other. The “one by one” system also ensures top hygiene because, of course, each person touches just the one napkin that he or she will use.

The product is born and designed for the community segment but its features are well studied and “imported” from the world of tissue consumer products. It is available in 6 bright and lively colors plus the new, elegant black, all very captivating: Cedro (lime), Ciclamino (cyclamen), Ciliegia (cherry), Halloween and Limone (lemon) appropriate for any environment. Furthermore, the paper is made even more pleasant by the embossing pattern. All this turns a “community” napkin into a very interesting product also from a household point of view that we can all choose to brighten up our holiday table!


But Carind has not stopped at the table napkin and has extended its Value line with other new products and specially designed dispensers, enriching its offer: a complete kit comprised of the napkin and matching practical dispenser “Value Bar Napkins & Dispensers”. This new product of the “Value The Evolution” line was presented by Carind during the most recent edition of the Issa/Interclean show in Amsterdam last year, and during other trade shows in Dubai in the course of the subsequent months.


Carind designed the exclusive dispenser of the Value Bar line for its napkins and boasts a modern Italian design as well as the “one by one” mentioned above that guarantees greater savings and hygiene.And just like the napkins, the dispensers, too, are available in different colors (among which Cromo chromed version) so that they can be mixed & matched according to the needs of the public establishment (or maybe even our own kitchens!). For this reason, napkins and dispenser together become a modern and innovative proposal that meets the needs of a very special target working in the “public” sphere of services with a strong “private” approach, orienting its purchases also in-line with aesthetic tastes and trends.

The more open-minded retailers and wholesalers and lovers of novelties have welcomed this initiative and appreciated the offer of the complete kit which, for Carind, represents a success confirmed by the increase in repeat orders of the specific napkins. Carind has invested in terms of communication and marketing; an appropriately designed strategy has accompanied the product in its launch phase and continues to follow it as it becomes established on the market.

“Value Bar Napkins & Dispensers” represents a completely new offer for the Ho.Re.Ca. segment: a “fixed couple” characterized by a high degree of Italian quality, 100% hygiene, charm and elegance without giving up savings (so important today) or functionality! A new choice and a fun solution that has met with effective appeal on the market, a product connected to emotional feelings and factors (besides clear practical aspects), typical of the consumer world. •

  • The new range of Value bar napkins
  • Model of the new dispenser with the ONE by ONE system
  • Model of the new dispenser with the ONE by ONE system
  • Model of the new dispenser with the ONE by ONE system
  • Model of the new dispenser with the ONE by ONE system
  • Model of the new dispenser with the ONE by ONE system
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