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If we think about the inventions that have become a given in our lives, we probably have a hard time starting the list.

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But once we do get it started, it becomes longer and longer... Radio and later television, phones of every sort up to the latest smartphones, cars, up to the latest hybrid vehicles, the Internet, computers and printers. Where would we be without a microwave oven or a refrigerator?

And all those synthetic fibers that make up our wardrobe? Surely many more come to mind.

But probably no one thinks of those inventions that have become so common that we take them for granted: the ballpoint pen, for example.

Or a Post-It. And how about the good old wheel? But one invention especially that many take for granted is the light bulb. Probably because turning a light on is an action weper form dozens of times a day. The light bulb changed the world by allowing people to work at night or in dark places in an easy and safe way: before the invention of the light bulb, illuminating the world after the sun went down was a messy and hazardous task. It took abunch of candles or torches to fully light up a good-sized room, and oil lamps - while fairly effective - tended to leave a residue of soot on anything in their general vicinity.


But even more importantly, the light bulb created the need to build an infrastructure to provide electricity to every home and business that changed the world. It gave us much more than light; it created progress in our lives. And it seemed an unbeatable invention. No one ever thought it could be replaced: it was relatively cheap, hardly gave any problems and was always available at ... a flip of a switch. While cars progressed from the essential Model T to the super-accessorized models we drive today, the light bulb remained relatively unchanged for about 250 years. But someone has found some faults in our trusty light bulb and has improved something that was considered “unimprovable” and at the same time given a savings in terms of energy.


Testimonials USA. Great ideas for product innovations come from many sources; from the operators and engineers in our customers’ facilities, to the insight of our own experienced Perini field technicians. The 50+ engineers within the Perini R&D group continually draw on these resources, as well as their many years of industry expertise, to transform these ideas into value-added innovations. This continued innovation is representative of Perini’s commitment to our customers throughout the world.


The excitement is building within the 60+ member team of Fabio Perini North America, headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA. They recently previewed the new products that will be released to the global market in the coming months. These same products will be demonstrated at the Fabio Perini headquarters in Lucca, Italy, during the Tissue Week, iT’s tissue Event in June. Many of these product innovations will address the requests of the mature but dynamic North America market.


The diverse group of customers in the US and Canada are continually seeking ways to differentiate their products while increasing overall efficiency within their converting and packaging operations. The forthcoming release of these innovations will provide benefits to equipment operators, maintenance managers, mill management and even the marketing departments of tissue producers in North America as well as the rest of the world.Fabio Perini is proud to be the first to offer a converting solution that significantly reduces complexity in transfer and tail sealing while maintaining speed and product quality.


Tissue converters are more than aware of the operational complications and costs incurred in those phases of converting. Time for intensive maintenance and control required on traditional systems is taken out of other important activities on the site. Fabio Perini is looking to offer major benefits like an enhanced consumer product experience and multiple marketing opportunities. The Perini engineering team smartly designed the new features to fully meet modern converters’ needs. Personnel interacting with this new equipment will be pleased with the changes made to enhance occupational health and safety. A new highly flexible embossing unit will allow many adjustments to be carried out directly from the HMI panel,while maintenance tasks can be performed faster and in a more ergonomically safe manner.

Maintenance and replacement of many main components has been made easier and safer, too.

A lot of attention and care has also been placed in eliminating noise and waste - clear benefits to the operations staff.


Eliminating waste, reducing maintenance and improving operators’ everyday life is a major victory for our customers, but the Perini R&D team did not stop there. The concept of eliminating and reducing waste in all forms was clearly a focus in the innovation process. The new products aim to minimize waste in both labor and materials, there by increasing overall production efficiency. Automation of many labor intensive processes will allow operational staffs to focus on meeting production goals. The Fabio Perini team has concentrated its attention on each and every single component of converting equipment with particular attention on what can be improved, monitored and added to meet the expectations of customers who have shared their experience and thoughts. From the unwinder features aiming to simplify and offer an effective flying splice system and reel discharge while decreasing the equipment’s footprint, to energy efficiency of the entire line.


It is clear that the dedicated Perini R&D staff has been busy creating and enhancing our product portfolio to meet the needs of our customers and the end tissue consumer.

The Perini tradition of innovation continues in 2013 and we look forward to sharing the technical details with the world in the coming months. “iT’s tissue” Open House from 24 to 28 June.•

  • Let's shed some light on
  • Let's shed some light on
  • Let's shed some light on
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