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Born from the idea and collaboration of 12 companies involved in the manufacture of tissue machines and systems, iT’s tissue - to be held in Lucca in the month of June (from 22 to 30) - is the new and important appointment to gain insight into the future of tissue.

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It’s called iT’s tissue. The Italian Technology Experience, and it’s the event of the year dedicated to the world of tissue!

Technology, innovation, in-house events, conferences, culture and entertainment that will brighten up the summer of the most important paper districts in Italy, which, starting from Lucca - cradle of paper production and converting - will travel across the packaging valley of Bologna and Reggio Emilia to the city of Lecco. A synergy that will enhance the value of Made in Italy and the experience of the companies that have for years been involved in the field and that are a reference point on an international scale. Companies sharing the desire to collectively enrich and grow the excellence of the tissue field - always at the cutting edge of technology - by presenting their latest innovations in the course of the week.


Lucca has always been the reference point as far as the paper production industry is concerned: a Tissue Valley strong in years of history.

Indeed, from the thirteenth century to our modern days, it has been weaving a double thread of cultural and technological progress together with that of the paper mills and converting companies making up the local industrial fabric.

History and technology meet also in the region of Emilia Romagna, where the cities of Bologna and Reggio Emilia represent the core of the production of packaging machinery district: a know-how that goes well beyond the boundaries of the region and extends into the city of Lecco.

A pool of 100% Italian companies that have for years been exporting their technology abroad, becoming a reference point for an increasingly global market while also looking for excellent technologies made in Italy. 1500 employees for a consolidated turnover in excess of 500 million euro in 2011, with 90% exports.


IT’S Tissue is surely a very strong joint signal sent out by these companies that have come together with the common target of valorizing and enhancing the excellence of Made in Italy in the tissue industry. A brand with a strong identity, symbol of qualitative excellence, aesthetics, passion, know-how and flexibility.


Tissue Italy, participating companies in alphabetical order:

• A.Celli Paper S.p.A., Lucca

• Elettric 80 S.p.A.,Reggio Emilia

• Fabio Perini S.p.A., Lucca

• Futura S.p.A., Lucca

• Gambini S.p.A., Lucca

• MTC-MacchineTrasformazione Carta S.r.l.,Lucca

• Omet S.r.l., Lecco

• PCMC S.p.A., Lucca

• Pulsar S.r.l., Bologna

• Recard S.p.A., Lucca

• TMC–Tissue MachineryCompany S.p.A., Bologna

• Toscotec S.p.A., Lucca

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  • iT's tissue
  • iT's tissue
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