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PMP Group (PMP) has been involved in the paper business for almost 160 years. The company built its identity under the names H.Fullner, Fampa and Beloit Poland. Since 2000, it operates under the name PMP Group and is a Polish-American private company with 5 facilities in Poland, the USA and China.

Maja Mejsner – Director Business Development & Marketing PMP Group

Company profile. PMP Group (PMP) has been involved in the paper business for almost 160 years. The company built its identity under the names H.Fullner, Fampa and Beloit Poland. Since 2000, it operates under the name PMP Group and is a Polish-American private company with 5 facilities in Poland, the USA and China. Today PMP supplies machinery for paper and tissue mills, as well as a variety of services like engineering, erection and refurbishment and build-to-print products. At present, the company employs 618 people.

Turnover is growing steadily and in 2012 reached 45 million euro. The last 12 years have entailed 135 projects globally (in both tissue and paper area) with the main focus in Europe, Asia and North America. As a medium size player, the main advantage of PMP is a flexible approach and providing smart technological solutions, tailored to customers’ needs.


The PMP Group offer for tissue players. PMP adapts its offer and approach to market needs. Emerging markets focus on simplifiedsolutions and maximizing investment effectiveness, whereas more mature markets expect to receive tailor-made products.PMP Group is active in both fields, offering complete technologicallines based on Crescent Former configurations, turn-key basis from the Intelli-Tissue® platform. The key product for emerging market investors is the IT 900 EcoEcTM (45 tpd), which combines ultra-low media consumption figures (steam, electricity and water) with optimum investment cost (TM designed in Poland and build in China – great synergy effect). The IT 900 EcoEc™ is a green tissue installation that meets the requirements of emerging markets. For more mature markets and corporate customer, PMP provides higher-capacity TM lines - especially the IT 1500®, IT 1800® and IT 2100 ® (capacity up to 240 tpd, reel trim up to 5.6 m). All lines can run both on virgin and recycled fibers. By understanding the complex industry environment, PMP can offer newcomers interesting financial options (Buyer’s credit/export support).

Over the years, PMP has gained substantial experience in executing tailor-made rebuilds in mature markets such as the North American and West European ones. Projects of high engineering and manufacturing content require a flexible approach and a reference person having the role of process integrator.

The main advantage is that this develops long-term relationships and yields an improvement in technology.

The PMP Group provides a variety of engineering services based on experience and modern engineering tools like 3-D Solid Works, CosmosWorks, CadSimplus, E-plan, DB Works, etc. Having their own engineering group (internal capacity 72,000 h/a) means independence and reliability as far as the technology is concerned (full control of know-how). As a process integrator, PMP offers pre erection, erection and start-up and optimization services. For daily work improvement, PMP can perform variety of refurbishment services and replacement parts deliveries.


PMP Group, a well established brand. The last 12 years have entailed in total 65 tissue projects by PMP which can be found today in 20 tissue mills spread out in 4 continents including Asia, North America,Europe and Australia. Most are in China, Indonesia and Taiwan, including complete, technological lines (all types from Intelli-Tissue® platform: IT 900® (Anhui Bilun – Smile), IT 1500® (YFY – two locations: Bejing and Yangzhou), IT 1800® (GCPU) and IT 2100® (GCPU)) and deliveries of core technological elements like Intelli-Jet V® headboxes (just to mention one order for 30 hydraulic headboxes by APP). European customers are particularly looking for small rebuild projects (including headboxes) and a variety of services (engineering and safety audits, refurbishment services and so on). Key partners in Europe for PMP are Kimberly-Clark (mills in Poland and Spain), Kuban Papier, Lamix, Hanke Tissue, Wepa (mills in Poland and Germany). The most intensive actions were developed by PMP inNorth America where the company has been working with the world’s leading tissue manufacturers. Of course, confidentiality is of the highest value in a partnership based on respect and trust. Recently PMP is more active in other areas of the world, including Australia and South America. Here, we would just like to mention those that have been released recently. PMP is especially proud of the cooperation with two key players in Asia – the Taiwanese corporation Yuen Foong Yu (YFY) in China and PT Graha Cemerlang Paper Utama (GCPU) in Indonesia.Both companies returned to PMP with repeated orders for either Intelli-Tissue® 1500 or 2100. The fact that it is the first time that YFY chooses the same supplier more than once makes the cooperation even more gratifying. As Mr. Ming-Fa Tang, the mill’s spokesman, commented: “It was the fastest assembly and start-up in the history of the YFY Corporation”. Overall, this is the 3rd Intelli-Tissue®1500 machine installed by YFY with the first machine started up in 2008 in Beijing, China. At the same time, the GCPU mill looks impressive with two modern tissue lines made by PMP. Premium quality tissue is converted by the corporation (70 types of products) under the names Tessa or Pemo. PMP is now working on a new release: Intelli-Tissue® 900 EcoEc machine, for Henan Hulijia, China. •

  • Intelli-Tissue®
  • Second PMP Intelli-Tissue®2100 machine, delivered to GCPU, Indonesia (started-up in 2011)
  • World-class engineering service provided PMP Group (3D Solid Works)
  • Yuen Foong Yu and PMP Group teams - TM#5, first paper on reel
  • PMP Group provides high quality solutions, tailored to customer's needs
  • GCPU and PMP Group teams celebrating mutual success on 11-11-2011
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