Who is Teresita?

A cuddly little blue elephant with a cute smiling face: that's Teresita, and she's the new brand ambassadorof Scottex® products.

Perini Journal

Today, communication passes through the web. And so Teresita, the amusing baby elephant, becomes the jack-of-all-trades protagonist of the website www.scottex.com/it, where she dispenses useful homecare advice and suggestions for delicious recipes.

Through the web, the new mascot - present also on the products' packaging - introduces in a simple and fun way the renewed range of kitchen products that includes towels and table napkins. The new kitchen rolls - always synonymous of absorbency and strength - today are even softer and, to complete the tableware range, new napkins, perfect for every occasion, have also been designed.

The choice of the baby elephant as testimonial for these products is certainly not random: an elephant is a strong, robust animal that can perform hard work, just like the Scottex® products, and its trunk can soak up large quantities of liquids, just like their kitchen rolls and the napkins. Teresita, the baby blue elephant with the big sweet eyes, inspires tenderness and - thanks to its advice - becomes an irreplaceable companion to aid us in domestic chores.

Being a contemporary mascot, offspring of our times, Teresita is also present on Facebook and on Twitter - two interactive means that constitute a quick and modern way to communicate and share with one's "virtual friends" useful house cleaning advice, opinions and the recipes recommended by Teresita Chef, always inventing interesting theme menus for special, entertaining evenings.

Communicating today is routine, but doing it with efficacy and effect constitutes the winning feature in order to surprise and to stick in the minds of consumers. Teresita, with her cute and gracious ways, has also catalyzed the attention of Fiorenzo Bresciani, President and Founder of the Italian AUC (Associazione Uomini Casalinghi - Italian House Husbands Association), who will sustain the brand's testimonial in order to delve more in-depth into the theme of housecleaning, dispensing expert tips on the use of Scottex® kitchen towels and table napkins, products that unite practicality of use with respect for the environment.




The term "mascot" (from the Provencal mascoto, meaning witchcraft, good-luck charm, diffused internationally by the composer Edmond Audran in 1880 with the operetta "La Mascotte") denotes a strongly connoted character that represents a brand, a team, a group, a place, an event, a situation. It is a creative synthesis that, through emotions, conjures up the entity in reference; it is an immediately recognizable identification sign, an appealing reminder, an auspice of good luck.

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