Casmatic: when innovation meets technological creatività

Innovating in the field of packaging means finding creative technological solutions for customers that can satisfy the demands of different markets. This is the objective of the Fabio Perini companies: and indeed KPL Packaging S.p.A., with the Casmatic brand, in the course of this last year has introduced three new interesting wrappers in their machine range.

Eros Burelli, Product Manager - KPL Packaging S.p.A. 

An ambitious goal has been attained by answering the needs of the different markets and market segments such as AFH and consumer products (packaging of facial tissue and rolls in a bag).

The new wrapper model for industrial rolls CMW200 PRO answers the demands of converters attentive to safeguarding the environment and oriented towards energy savings. Thanks to its working cycle, this model yields perfectly packed rolls, which do not require the shrinking tunnel- hence, one less passage - thus avoiding a high use of energy. The packed rolls can have a diameter that goes from 150 to 250 mm and cutting lengths from 210 to 270 mm, with a maximum production speed of 120 packs per minute (the speed of course varies according to the size of the rolls).


Reliability and efficiency are the two points of strength of this machine. The traditional wrapping cycle typical of the consumer segment is applied for the first time to the industrial sphere - a "creative technology" that makes this model a dependable machine yielding optimal quality rolls. The machine is simple to use thanks to the very intuitive operator panel that allows simplifying format change operations even during the production phase. The film unwound during processing is polyethylene, a more economic material with respect to the shrink polyethylene films used in most machines in this field.

A technological evolution that will affect the packaging of facial tissue boxes segment was introduced by the new Casmatic model CMW200 BOX, the machine presented last November at the Chinese Körber Engineering Shanghai facilities on the occasion of the Tissue World Asia show.


This new model adds verve to the Casmatic machine range. Versatile, reliable and innovative, the CMW200 BOX produces single-layer packs containing multiple packages of facial tissue boxes, attaining a speed of 120 packs per minute. The new machine features the traditional packaging cycle comprised of: infeed, wrapping cycle, overhead flights, reel unwinding and side and lower sealer. Thanks to the latter and to the extraction system of the lower sealing unit and relative connectors, maintenance times are substantially reduced. Precise and accurate finishing of the package and a better wrapping quality are ensured by some technical features to highlight: the longer discharge unit and the deceleration area between the overhead flights and the discharge unit.


The attention and sensitivity of the Fabio Perini companies to environmental themes and consequent energy savings result into a particular attention and research by KPL Packaging S.p.A. to find technological solutions capable of reducing the energy consumption of the machines produced. With this goal in mind, the new machines are designed incorporating enhancements that keep this priority in top consideration. And so this model, too, thanks to the low speed of the sealing belts and their consequent low operational temperature, reduces belt wear and energy consumption. The Casmatic CMW200 BOX not only guarantees an optimal quality finished pro-duct, but it also contains production costs through some innovations that facilitate ordinary maintenance of the machine, and these are its priorities.


Innovation - or better, "creative technology" - that will allow KPL Packaging to apply these technical enhancements also on previous-generation machines still in production, placing its know-how at the service of every user.

A perfect match between economy, large production volumes and ease of installation: this, in synthesis, is the model Casmatic CMW20 BAG. This machine, too, was introduced during Tissue World Asia. The new model answers to wrapping needs of small/medium size converters. The main cha-racteristic of this model is the possibility to pack previously wrapped rolls or naked rolls in pre-made bags at a speed of 20 packs per minute for packs that go from 4 to 12 rolls per bag. Reduced times also for what concerns format change. A production flexibility guaranteed by the possibility of changing format without the need to replace mechanical parts. A manufacturing advantage that translates into a competitive one: the possibility to pack different format types, reducing the time needs for format change to just a few minutes. The technical enhancement of the diverter integrated into the machine eliminates the needs for a second diverter in case of single-lane infeed. The possibility of having a double bag stock allows the operator to work in total safety, loading new bags while the machine is in production, employing just a few seconds to make the change.


If innovating also means finding vanguard solutions in respect of the environment, effectively standardizing machine components constitutes great progress. Making the process more efficient, reducing machine downtimes, managing resources to the fullest are essential goals that companies must attain.

And it is with this sprit in mind that the Fabio Perini companies are working, thanks to profitable dialogue and close collaboration. The result of this modus operandi will be presented on the occasion of the upcoming "It's MILE Family" event, that will be held at the Fabio Perini S.p.A. facilities in Lucca, on 1st April, 2011. On this occasion, the wrapper model CMW425 in-line with the bundler S15 will be equipped with the standard components of the Fabio Perini companies. The wrapper and the bundler will be located downstream of the converting production process that will have the new rewinder Fabio Perini model MILE 5.1 as protagonist (see article at page 4). The possibility of having standard components translates into a tangible advantage for operators: easy to find service parts, reducing waiting times, and the guarantee of one supplier for the entire production line. An economic advantage that yields an all-round cost savings, not only connected to the diversification of the components but also to environmental sustainability.


Another novelty that constitutes a further innovation is the 3D synoptic system, a system that detects abnormalities and which will allow simple and fast resetting of the machine should a failure arise, guaranteeing a preventive maintenance program.

Technical enhancements, constant research, knowledge of the market and the quest for new alternative solutions have guided the Fabio Perini companies in the design of machines capable of guaranteeing vanguard solutions for converters.

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