Hellenic Plastic, Greek enterprise

The economic crisis that affected Greece in 2009 was caused by excessive public debt and by the dramatic relationship between debt and GDP.

Maura Leonardi

A crisis that was also the symptom highlighting the precarious balance that reigns in the Euro zone. Almost two years later, the Hellenic nation is still feeling the crisis, but it is strongly determined to come out of the economic slump. A crisis that also struck the tissue products field, with a decrease of 10,000 tons in a market worth 145,000 tons per year.


An example of enterprise and entrepreneurial strength: this is Hellenic Plastic, a company with an active turnover of over 30 million Euro in 2010. It is located in the industrial area of Aspropyrgos, 20 kilometers from the center of Athens. Nine are the converting lines working at full regime at the Athens facility: two dedicated to the production of toilet rolls and kitchen towels, one industrial line, one line just for toilet rolls and 5 table napkin lines. A complete set of machines for tissue products converting, and also a production line for incontinence products.


At the base of the company's philosophy is Greek enterprise and initiative, a vigorous and creative spirit that has allowed Hellenic Plastic to grow both in the domestic and foreign market. 10% of their turnover comes from exports, 35% from the sale of private labels, and the remaining 55% from the sale of their Regina and Best brands that cover the production of rolls (toilet rolls, kitchen towels and industrial rolls), table napkins and also incontinence products. Personnel training, loyalty, timely deliveries, efficiency, reliability and working with passion are the guidelines of Hellenic Plastic. Features acknowledged by the commercial partners who have been working with them for years.


Heading the company are Soulis Antonakis, Stavros Mermigas and Aristotelis Nakopoulos, three reference figures and very special partners. A strong threesome that make teamwork their winning strategy and who lead the company with a farsighted vision, conducting business through strong initiatives, as the investments made in terms of technology and in the real estate field demonstrate. The rewinder model MILE 7.1 by Fabio Perini S.p.A., in operation since October 2010 - new purchase in their production machine range - has allowed increasing the company's turnover, paving the way for further growth by ensuring a converting capacity of 15,000 tons per year. Not just a quantitative objective but also a quality one aimed at improving Hellenic Plastic's supply performance. The second incontinence products conver-ting line is scheduled for April 2011 and a new rolls converting line will also begin production in June. Many important objectives that confirm the company's intention to arrive at a total production of 30,000 tons in 2011.


"We believe in our work, in our company, despite the economic and financial problems of our country. In 2005 we invested in 51,000 square meters of land, of which 18,000 sqm destined to buildings; for 2012, the intention is the construction of more buildings, for a further surface of 8,000 sqm. As of today, we have 100 employees between office personnel and production technicians. Production efficiency both in technology and in human resources, together with timely service are our points of strength. For us, guaranteeing service means being autonomous, and for this reason, a few years ago we also set up our own private transport company, a team of 25 haulers and trucks that allows us to offer an impeccable delivery service above all with retailers, where the need to be on-time is vital. A strategic choice that avoids any problems of strikes or other technical setbacks," explains Soulis Antonakis.

"10% of our business is outside the country: we export to Romania, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Croatia, a portion also to Albania and shortly to Italy, and this thanks also to favorable transport costs. For the future, our aim is to bring exports up to 15% of our turnover. An attainable target thanks to facilitated export costs. The use of containers to send and deliver products to many European ports is economical and will allow us to increase exports, ensuring quality products and services at a competitive price. The principle at the base of our management is personnel training together, of course, with optimal supplier and customer relations," says Aristotelis Nakopoulos.


"Enhancing our portfolio means acquiring small and large customers, thus expanding our sales network in Greece. This year, we want to exceed our record in terms of turnover registered for 2010. Our target is of over 37 million Euro by enhancing exports, increasing our production capacity and offering a superior quality products with the guarantee of efficient service," concludes Soulis Antonakis.

Ambitious projects that embody the strength of this company: a determined company endowed with a great passion, a perfect example of Greek enterprise.

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